Luigi’s Mansion 3 E3 2019 Gameplay Footage Shows Off Spooky Hotel

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the next big installment to the franchise and this time around it seems that Luigi and his friends have been invited to a hotel. It’s only when they arrive that things go awry and once again, Luigi must fight back an assortment of ghosts in order to save the day. Nintendo held their annual E3 Nintendo Direct which showcased the game and some of the new features that players will be able to pull off throughout their journey.

There are four main new gameplay mechanics highlighted in the E3 2019 gameplay demo. We have a slam feature that will allow Luigi to grab a ghost and slam them on the ground to deliver more damage then there’s the suction shot which Luigi can shoot a plunger projectile before pulling it back to rid away any obstacles or shields. Furthermore, Luigi will have a burst option to blow multiple ghosts back or to elevate him to reach a higher jump and lastly, there is a Gooigie Luigi character that can walk past certain traps like spikes. It’s worth noting that the Gooigie character is optional for cooperative gameplay as well.

Outside of the new mechanics featured within the E3 2019 demo, we were also given details of a ScareScraper mode that acts a bit like a wave-based combat mode with the help of friends. This was a game mode featured previously in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. As for Luigi’s Mansion 3, this will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive set to release at some point this year.

Source: E3 Nintendo