Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Get The Overcompensator |Talking Gun Guide

You can never get enough talking weapons in Borderlands 2. The gabby guns in this franchise are usually pretty abrasive, but this particular gun is extremely chill — he’s more surfer than berserker, and you can get him by completing optional quests in the ‘Commander Lilith’ DLC, which is free for everyone right now. The gun originally appears in Tales From The Borderlands, the Telltale developed episodic adventure game — and now you can finally use it in-game. We’ll explain where to find it in the full guide below.

There’s a long history of talking guns in Borderlands, and this is the last one you’ll ever see in Borderlands 2. It’s a shotgun that shouts words of support and encouragement — it even compliments you for making the right quest choices! It doesn’t just talk when you’re firing, it’s always interjecting.

It’s basically a certainty that there will be a talking gun in Borderlands 3, and we can’t wait to track that sucker down and see how it compares to the Overcompensator.

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How To Get The Overcompensator |Talking Gun Guide

To get the Overcompensator, a super-powered shotgun that talks while you blast bandits, you’ll need to complete the final mission of the ‘Commander Lilith’ DLC. Once you finish the story, a bunch of new quests will unlock in the hub area.

Go to Vaughn and complete his quests — eventually, you’ll get the ‘Chief Executive Overlord’ quest. You’ll need complete lots of objectives, running around to help give advice to Vaughn so he can become an extremely effective bandit.

Complete the quest, and you’ll receive the Overcompensator. The shotgun talks, shouting surfer lingo as you fire your gun or when you reload. He likes to shout stuff like ‘Choice!’, ‘Get Wasted!’, ‘Lovin’ it!’ and lots more. If you have the weapon equipped, it’ll even speak when you’re selecting quests. Agree to join a quest? He’ll shout ‘Great decision!’ — he’s a very supportive shotgun.

The advanced shotgun first appeared in Tales From The Borderlands, an episodic adventure game. Now you can use the gun for real and blast enemies all day. It’s very powerful, considering it’s only available after completing the main story. The weapon was used by the evil CEO Vasquez — the heroes never got to use it, so now’s your chance.