Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Download & Start Playing (For Free)

In a surprise worthy of E3 2019, developer Gearbox has dropped an entirely free new DLC story for Borderlands 2 — and it’s available right now. The DLC is called ‘Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary‘, so you know you can expect some epic shootouts with most of the past Vault Hunters returning for one final adventure.

Not every version of Borderlands 2 has access to this totally free DLC episode, so we’re going to explain everything you need to know to jump and start looting.

Obviously, Gearbox did this to promote the upcoming release of the sequel Borderlands 3, but this is still an awesome addition. Not only is it free, it also includes a new tier of loot, totally new enemies, tons of references to the original games, and a full story that leads into the events of Borderlands 3. It’s kind of like an Easter egg filled sneak peak at what we can expect in the next game, and this thing is packed with returning characters. For a Borderlands 2 fan, this is a dream, and a great way to say goodbye to the game’s surprisingly in-depth cast of crazy characters.

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How To Download & Start Playing (For Free)

The DLC episode ‘Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary’ is only available on three versions of Borderlands 2. It’s totally free on all available current-gen versions — it’s free and available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This DLC is only free for a limited time. From 6/9/2019 to 7/9/2019, the DLC is totally free. After that, it will cost $14.99. Download it from any of the sources below to get it for free now.

NOTE: Make sure to download the latest update.

To play, you must be at least Level 30. The DLC adds a full story campaign with new missions that heavily reference the previous games, and include lots of characters from the Telltale Borderlands adventure game. The DLC raises the Level Cap to 80 and includes a Rainbow Loot Tier that’s above Legendary.