Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | B1, 1F & 2F Locations Guide

There are 6 gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and finding them all is a difficult challenge. They’re extremely well-hidden, and many of them require out-of-the-box thinking to uncover. Here you’ll find all the gem locations for the first three floors of the game, and learn a little bit about how to actually start unlocking these things. Even if you search each floor thoroughly, it’s easy to miss most of the gems.

In these early floors, you won’t have access to all the abilities you need. You’ll need to have Gooigi to unlock certain gems. Gooigi is a green goop clone that you can control independently of Luigi. He can do everything Luigi can do — except step in water. You’ll need him to give a little extra oomph to your attacks, and with Gooigi’s help, it’s possible to clear out your collectibles in B1, 1F, and 2F. Let’s get started.

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How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | B1, 1F & 2F Locations Guide

There are six gems on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. To find them all, you’ll need to solve puzzles, reach hidden areas, locate gem ghosts, and more. There are many challenges hidden on each floor, and we’ll explain them all below.

Get through the bars with Gooigi.

B1: Basement

White Gem: Garage – In the underground parking lot, use Suction to pull the tarp off the truck to the right of the Professor’s portable lab. Use a Strobulb blast to open the trunk.

Red Gem: Garage – In the underground parking lot, use Gooigi to enter the fenced area on the left. Inside, use a Suction Shot on the yellow power panel in front of the treasure chest. Pull it open and then Strobulb to free the red gem.

Blue Gem: Garage – In the far-right corner of the underground parking lot, use a Suction Shot to remove the panel off the wall near the Professor’s car. Enter the maintenance shaft and climb the ladder up, dropping through the vent with Gooigi.

Green Gem: Laundry Room – In the middle washing machine in the laundry room. Use the Suction Shot on the washing machine door to pull it open.

Purple Gem: Laundry Room – In the painting in the hallway outside the parking garage. Use the Dark-Light on the painting of the gem to make it really appear.

Yellow Gem: Service Stairwell – In the stairwell, go to the door leading to 1F: Lobby and slide through the vent with Gooigi.

Pull back the carpet above to find a path to this gem.

1F: Grand Lobby

White Gem: Lobby – On the left corner, use Black-Light to reveal a hidden sofa. Capture the Gem Ghost to get this collectible.

Red Gem: Lobby – Look for the painting of the hotel on the right side. Shoot a Suction Shot on the emblem beneath the painting and pull to reveal this gem.

Green Gem: Lobby – In the dead plant next to the 1F elevator. Use a Suction Shot and smash the planter to get it.

Blue Gem: Lobby – Visible in a case above the small desk to the left in the lobby. Go to the walkway above the gem and roll up the carpet with section, then drop down with Gooigi. Use a Slam to knock the gem loose.

Purple Gem: Lobby – Behind the main desk of the lobby, use Slam to raise the barrier, then use the Strobulb to activate the device on the right.

Yellow Gem: Lobby – Use Gooigi and Luigi to stand on the two pressure plats near the entrance. The chandelier will lower. Use Suction with both characters to make it spin until the Yellow Gem pops out.

Throw a sword at the dartboard to make this gem appear.

2F: Mezzanine

White Gem: Restroom – In the Restroom, suck the floating newspaper to reveal a gem ghost.

Red Gem: Ballroom – Point up with Suction to make the Chandelier spin until the side-room opens up. There’s a Red Gem inside.

Blue Gem: Kitchen – Use a Suction Shot to pull open the left freezer door, then user Suction until you find an ice cube with a gem inside. Turn on the ovens and hold the ice over the fire to melt it.

Green Gem: Dressing Room – In the Dressing Room, pull off the dress from the hanger on the left and use the Strobulb to open the hidden safe.

Purple Gem: Entertainment Room – Suck up a sword from the hanging coat-of-arms and shoot it at the dart board.

Yellow Gem: Hallway – In the Hallway near the door to the Restaurant, summon Gooigi and Suction the spinning fans to the left and right of the Restaurant door. Turn both at the same time and the Yellow Gem will pop out.