Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 9F, B2 & 10F Locations Guide

Our Luigi’s Mansion 3 gem locations guide continues as we reach three more floors — the Unnatural History Museum, the Boilerworks, and the Tomb Suites.

The floors becoe even more supernatural here, as you’ll explore a vast desert in the Tomb Suites with an underground lair beneath a huge pyramid bedroom. The Unnatural History Museum is a smaller area that’s absolutely packed with secrets, while the Boilerworks is a complex web of sewers and rooms.

Get all the gem locations below and make solving the many, many puzzles a breeze.

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How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 9F, B2 & 10F Locations Guide

There are six gems on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. To find them all, you’ll need to solve puzzles, reach hidden areas, locate gem ghosts, and more. There are many challenges hidden on each floor, and we’ll explain them all below.

9F: Unnatural History Museum

White Gem: Elevator Hall – In the front-right corner, use a heavy chunk of bone to smash the glass case. A Gem Ghost will appear!

Red Gem: Elevator Hall – Go to the front desk and use Suction to spin the chair until the floor flips around, revealing a gem treasure chest!

Blue Gem: Elevator Hall – In the back-left corner of the hall, look on one of the pillars for a green Strobulb switch. Use the flash on the device (it’s very well hidden behind brush) and the wall will move, revealing a hidden safe. Use the Strobulb again to get a load of cash and a gem.

Green Gem: Elevator Hall – Launch a dino bone at the hanging pterodactyl skeleton above the elevator itself.

Purple Gem: Elevator Hall – In the front-left corner of the room, smash the glass with a dino bone and use the Dark-Light on the empty display to reveal a gem.

Yellow Gem: Elevator Hall – Located in a glass case to the right of the path leading into the main Exhibit / boss room. After the boss, grab a broken chunk of dino bone and use it to smash the glass.

B2: Boilerworks

White Gem: Old Reservoir – In the area you’ll visit with Toad later in the game, go to the lower-left corner of the room with paint cans. Shoot paint cans at the wall until you see the outline of a ghost. That’s when a Gem Ghost will appear!

Red Gem: Storage Room – Go through the left green pipe with Gooigi, then clear the box and enter the pipe on the right. Luigi will need to turn the wheel in his room periodically to clear the water.

Blue Gem: Observation – Use the Dark-Light in the front-left corner to make a boiler appear, then use the Strobulb light switch in the back-right corner of the small office.

Green Gem: Sewer B – In the front-right corner of the sewer, hanging from a small chain. Use Gooigi to pull the chain to raise the elevator platform. At the top, use Suction to pull the gem out of its chain holder.

Purple Gem: Sewer C – In the long Sewer passage, there’s a parascope sticking out of the ground after the water has been lowered. Use Suction Shot to remove the panel, then squeeze through the scope with Gooigi. Inside the submarine, grab the burning log and hold it under the large pot until it cooks.

Yellow Gem: Elevator Hall – In the right side of the room with the green pipes, use Gooigi to reach the green pipe exit on the raised platform, then run back-left to find a hidden passage.

10F: Tomb Suites

White Gem: Central Chamber – Near the door to the Snake Chamber, use Suction Shot to pull off three increasingly small sarcophagus lids. A Gem Ghost will spawn when the last one is removed.

Red Gem: Elevator Hall – Down the hallway, there’s a statue of a snake. Pull the round tail with Suction to make it open its mouth, then swap to Gooigi to grab the gem.

Blue Gem: Jewel Chamber – Get the ‘X’-shaped item in the vase to the left of the statue in the back of the room. Take the piece and blow it onto the ‘X’ to the left of the entrance door.

Green Gem: Scale Chamber – Drop through the sewer grate in the front-left corner of the room with Gooigi and open the chest below.

Purple Gem: Sandy Grand Hall – Left of the pyramid, there’s a tall sand dune with some bones. Clear it away with Suction to reveal a gem.

Yellow Gem: Sandy Grand Hall – In the lower-right corner of the map, you’ll find a submerged snake statue. Clear out the sand, then use Dark-Light to fill in the two missing pieces.