New Accolades Trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boasts Game’s Success

Luigi’s Mansion 3 hits Nintendo Switch consoles today and Nintendo has released an accolades trailer for the hit title.

As if we needed any more to sell us on this game, the trailer boasts quotes from different outlets including Hollywood Reporter which claims “It’s hard to not fall in love with Luigi’s Mansion 3″ and EGM ” The perfect sequel for a strange series”. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun, spooky blast just in time for Halloween.

Watch the trailer down below:

In related news, First 4 Figures recently announced an epic Luigi Mansion 3 PVC statue that comes packed with LED lights that illuminates the Luigi’s Polterpup and his Poltergust G-00. Read more about it over here and if you are interested in pre-ordering you can do so over on the First 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 arrives on Nintendo Switch consoles with much anticipation. The series brings the Luigi’s Mansion franchise back to its spooky roots with its fun, light-hearted gameplay. Make sure to check out our review roundup for the game, if you’re on the fence about picking it up or not, right here!

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Source: YouTube