Hideo Kojima Plans On Making Films With Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima is a well-known and beloved video game developer. Over the years at Konami, we’ve seen a ton of big cinematic style video game titles launch that the developer had a hand in. It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima enjoys the cinema and blockbuster narrative movies, but he’s always stuck with the video game industry and crafting his art through a medium that catered towards gamers. When Kojima made his split with Konami, it was speculated that perhaps this would give Hideo a chance at going into the film industry.

We, of course, know now that the developer has remained in the video game industry medium and has started his development studio known as Kojima Productions. With his debut title coming out, Death Stranding, Kojima can now start to focus on what’s next. As it turns out, we may soon see Kojima Productions release films into the market. This bit of news comes from a small documentary from BBC News Beat that covered the last few days of Hideo Kojima’s work with his debut title.

The famed developer made mention that he would start making films in the future and stated that if you can do one thing well then you can do everything well. While we’re not sure just how true that will be as we’re waiting to see the fan reception of Death Stranding which will be launching at the end of this week.

At the moment, we don’t know anything about Hideo Kojima’s film ventures. We’re not certain if this will be animated films or if we’ll see him branch out to live-action productions either. For the full video documentary of Kojima Productions, you can check it out in the video embedded above.

Source: YouTube