Wargroove: How To Unlock All 3 Hidden Commanders | Secrets Guide

Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game with character. Literally, every mission you’ll take control of a different commander that fights on the ground with your regular troops. These commanders can change the flow of battle with their unique “grooves” — special abilities that are charged through combat. The Commanders are just one of the awesome additions to the Advance Wars formula. And, even better, there are extra commanders you can unlock in the game.

One commander can’t be missed. Another is slightly trickier, but still easy to catch as long as you complete the main campaign. The toughest unlockable commander comes last — you’ll have to get 151 Stars, and find four hidden collectibles scattered across four maps. Now that’s a secret quest we can get behind. Learn how to unlock all the commanders with the quick explanations below.

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How To Unlock All 3 Hidden Commanders | Secrets Guide

There are three secret commanders you can unlock in Wargroove. Two of the commanders are unlocked by completing specific missions. The final secret commander can only be unlocked by collecting hidden orbs on four maps.

Once a commander is unlocked, they become available in Arcade, Puzzle, and Multiplayer modes. You can also use them in the Map Editor.

Hidden Commander #1: Elodie, Spectral Musician

  • Complete Campaign Act 7, Mission 2.

Hidden Commander #2: Dark Mercia, An Evil Mirror Image

  • Complete Campaign Epilogue.
    • Requires 100 Stars to unlock this mission.

Hidden Commander #3: Mercival, A Returning King

  • Requires 151 Stars to unlock this hidden quest.
  • Collect all four hidden orbs.
    • Go to the maps in the following order, and locate statues to collect the orbs.
    • Act 2, Side 1: The statue is in the southwest corner of the map.
    • Act 3, Side 1: The statue is in the center north area of the map.
    • Act 5, Side 1: The statue is in the northwest corner of the map.
    • Act 6, Side 1: The statue is in the far southeast corner of the map.
  • Go to each statue in order, and complete the map to get the orb.

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