Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies – How To Summon A Secret Boss Fight | Easter Egg Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile now has its own Zombies mode, complete with recreations of past maps you can play with up-to four players. Once again, it’s all about the cooperative action, and there are hidden Easter eggs to discover. Specifically, this Easter egg is all about fighting an even bigger end boss in the map Shi No Numa.

Everything is back in this revamp of the classic Zombies mode. The mode has been a part of Call of Duty for many years, but it finally got the axe in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) — replaced with an open-world cooperative experiment that players are still struggling to figure out. You’ll have to get your Zombies fix in Call of Duty: Mobile for now. Thankfully, there are still ridiculous Easter eggs like this to discover and discuss.

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Shi No Numa | Giant Boss Easter Egg Guide

To unlock the special, super-sized boss fight in Shi No Numa, you’ll need to play on Heroic Raid Mode.

Step #1: Unlocking Zetsubou No Shima

To get started, you need to find two piles of cogs in the opening area. Grab them from two shelves, then go up to a red box with a light on the upper outer walkway. Interact to ‘Repair’ to the device, then you can step inside the shack and use the elevator.

You’ll then enter the bunker from Zetsubou No Shima! There’s more, too.

Step #2: Kill The Blue Plants

Now that you’re on a new section of the map, you’ll want to hunt weird biological blue plants growing in the ground around this new area. Go to the lab room, and you’ll see the plants growing in the cells. Shoot each one to kill it!

That completes the step. Next, you’ll need to generate a code.

Step #3: Get The Code

Still in the new section of the map (Zetsubou No Shima) go to the office with rows of desks. On one of the desks, you’ll find a computer with a red light. Interact to get a code in red text.

And that’s basically it! Once you use the computer, you’ll complete all the steps of the main Easter egg and unlock the big final boss fight. Now you just need to save money, buy lots of perks, and prepare for the big battle.

It all leads to a massive battle against a giant plant monster. He’s enormous, but this can totally be done even on solo. The zombies are ridiculously slow — even the dogs, so it’s possible whether you’re playing on mobile devices or PC.

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