Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How To Turn This Shotgun Into A 1-Shot Kill Sniper Rifle | Loadout Guide

Maybe it’s just me, but this is completely hilarious. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are flaunting how completely overpowered the 725 Shotgun is by using it as a Sniper Rifle. Seriously, I’ve tried it myself, and the 725 Shotgun can down enemies at far, far range with a single shot. When it comes to shotguns in video games, most of us probably imagine they’re only truly useful at close range.

Well, the 725 is great at every range. It’s so amazing, it’s almost guaranteed that it will get nerfed in the near future. If you’re a truly ancient Call of Duty players, you might remember the Model 1887 Shotgun from the original Modern Warfare 2. That was a legendary OP gun that players hated, and now Modern Warfare (2019) has it’s own ridiculous shotgun that the community hates collectively.

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How To Turn This Shotgun Into A 1-Shot Kill Sniper Rifle | Loadout Guide

The 725 is the gun some players are (hilariously) using as a Sniper Rifle. The trick to turning this powerful two-shot shotgun into a killer Sniper Rifle is making sure the gun’s pellet grouping is as tight as possible. Let’s get into the loadout required for long-range sniping.

  • 725 Gunsmith
    • Muzzle: Choke
    • Barrel: Tempus 32″ Competition
    • Optic: Brownlee 32mm Scope
    • Ammunition: Slug Rounds
    • Perk: Sleight of Hand

What are these for? The Muzzle and Barrel mods give better pellet concentration, which is important, but it’s the ammunition that matters the most. Slug Rounds increase damage range, but you’ll need to compensate for bullet drop. If you aim high, you’ll still land 1-shot kills on the chest. I also threw on the Sleight of Hand perk so you can reload faster between double-shots.

The power of this weapon is truly ridiculous. If you feel like showing off with a Shotgun Sniper Rifle, jump into Ground War, climb onto a skyscraper roof, and start picking off enemies easily from above. It’s insanely strong, and if you don’t kill in a single shot, you’ll always kill with the second shot.