Call of Duty: Mobile – 8 Tips To Help You Rank Up, Even If You’re Not That Good | Pro 1 Guide

You don’t need to be the best shooter to rank up in Call of Duty: Mobile. Sometimes, you just have to be good enough — and there are ways you can improve your game without endless hours of practice.

Here, I’m going to go over a few tips to help new players rank up the easy way. These aren’t advanced tips meant for only the hardcore; these are simple strategies anyone can use to reach the upper ranks and escape the endless bots that spawn even in Ranked Mode.

It really isn’t that hard to form a winning team and consistently win. Even if you’re a solo player, especially if you’re a solo player, these are my tips to make life easier and improve your chances of ranking up.

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#1: Ditch Basic Controls ASAP

Basic Controls won’t help you rank up. They’re simple and fun, but if you’re aiming to be competitive, you need to use advanced control schemes. If you’ve got the phone for it, I highly recommend turning on the Gyroscope and using 3D Touch controls — even just the Gyroscope will help improve your fine-aiming skills considerably.

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#2: Play On PC With Mouse & Keyboard

Yes, you can play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC, and you don’t need a powerful computer to do it. If you’re sick of the touch controls and want something better, you can jump into the PC player pool — it’s the same as mobile, so you’ll instantly feel like a gaming god with proper FPS controls.

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#3: Want To Use Your Phone? You Might Want $10 Triggers

This is the final control tip! But, this one is especially important for players stuck on their phones. You’ll need to use four-finger touch controls to make any progress in ranked, and if you’re having fun, investing in a set of trigger add-ons for your phones is a cheap and easy way to make shooting (and aiming) so, so much easier.

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#4: Don’t Quit Battle Royale, Even If You Died

Here’s a very simple tip. If you died in Battle Royale, don’t immediately quit and play another round. This tip only applies if you’re on a team — your teammates can still revive you, even if you’ve been dead a long time.

On top of that, your score will improve with your teammates — the longer they survive, the better your ranking will be when the session ends.

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