Borderlands 3: All The Unique Legendary Guns Dropped By Bosses | Legendaries Guide

As we’ve stated in some of our previous Borderlands 3 guides, major bosses usually will drop a totally unique Legendary weapon or item. Back then, we didn’t know exactly how many Legendary guns these bosses could possibly carry, but thanks to a lot or replaying (and help from the community) we’ve been able to compile a list of all the Legendary guns each major boss fight can drop.

We’re focusing on Legendary guns here, because bosses seem to drop tons of weapons — and sometimes, they’ll even drop lower-tier uniques. Sometimes those guns are great, but it’s the Legendary weapons we’re all hungry for. There are tons of legendary guns floating around, and many of the uniques can appear anywhere, even from the lowliest ammo container. These guns? They’ll only drop from the particular boss, and there aren’t as many as you might think.

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All The Unique Legendary Guns Dropped By Bosses | Legendaries Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Even these drops are random! Check back soon as we learn more about the many items each boss can drop.]

Many of the major bosses in Borderlands 3 drop unique Legendary guns. Here’s a quick list of the weapons you’ll want to look out for — major bosses respawn when you return to their locations after completing their chapter.

Mouthpiece – Ascension Bluff, Pandora

  • Drops: Mind Killer Shotgun – Shoots dubstep beams.

Gigamand – Meridia Metroplex, Promethea

  • Drops: Smart G.U.N. XXL – SMG that can spawn a brain turret.

Captain Truant – Athenas

  • Drops: Polybus – Shotgun that fires pellets in a strange grid pattern.
    • Conference Call – Powerful shotgun with pellets that split into more pellets on impact.

Katagawa Ball – Skydeck-27, Promethea

  • Drops: Tsunami – Legendary SMG.

Katagawa Jr. – Atlas HQ, Promethea

  • Drops: Firestorm – Legendary Sniper Rifle.

The Rampager – Forgotten Basilica, Promethea

  • Drops: Quadomizer – Four-projectile Rocket Launcher.

The Warden – The Anvil, Eden-6

  • Drops: Annexed Jericho – Rocket Launcher that fires grenade-like projectiles that release more smaller explosions.
    • Freeman – Remote control Rocket Launcher that follows your cursor.

Billy, The Anointed – Jakobs Estate, Eden-6

  • Drops: Lead Sprinkler – Assault Rifle that fires arching bullets that split into multiple projectiles on impact.

GenIVIV – The Family Jewels, Eden-6

  • Drops: Messy Breakup – Unique shield that spawns a shield drone that follows you around.

Aurelia – Jakobs Estate, Eden-6

  • Drops: Frozen Heart – Shield that generates a cryogenic Nova blast that returns 30% damage to your HP.

The Graveward – Vault, Eden-6

  • Drops: Grave – Legendary shield.
    • Ward – Another Legendary shield. Not that exciting.

Troy Calypso – The Great Vault, Pandora

  • Drops: Double Penetrating Occultist – Rocket launcher pistol.
    • Pestilent Faisor – Rifle with an energy shotgun alt-fire.

Tyreen Calypso – Destroyer’s Rift, Pandora

  • Drops: Queen’s Call – Critical hit spawns tracking projectiles.
    • King’s Call – Same as the Queen’s Call.