Dead By Daylight Now Features Stranger Things Demogorgon

Stranger Things has been a worldwide hit with an old school 80s horror series that has officially hit its third season this year. Now that third season has been out for a little while now, we got a new Strangers Things event to keep fans eager for the next season to film and release. While we’re a good ways away from a fourth season release, players who own Dead by Daylight can enjoy a Stranger Things crossover right now.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game that has a group of players completing tasks while avoiding an antagonist monster. In the past, we’ve seen characters from Scream to Texas Chainsaw Massacre enter into the game, but the latest happens to be the dreaded Demogorgon. This crossover brings in a new map, the Hawkins National Laboratory Underground Complex along with two characters from the Netflix Original series, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

As expected, the two also come with their little abilities which include healing abilities or not leaving a bloody trail behind.

Steve Harrington Perks


While you have a reputation for being self-centered, you risk it all to help those in need. The Survivor you unhook leaves no blood trail or scratch marks for a short amount of time. Also, both you and the Killer can briefly see each other’s aura.


Life has taught you the importance of friendship which has given you strength. If a Survivor comes within range of your hook while you are struggling, the Struggle Phase timer pauses briefly.

Second Wind

You have learned to avoid awkward situations with parents. Part of you still thinks your best option is to run away and hope things will take care of themselves. Heal a Survivor to activate this perk. Once activated you self-heal after unhooking yourself or being unhooked by a Survivor when you are outside the Terror Radius. Once fully healed the perk deactivates.

Nancy Wheeler Perks

Better Together

You seek justice and uncover the truth no matter what obstacle stands in your way. The aura of the generator being repaired is revealed to other Survivors within range. If the Killer downs a Survivor while you are repairing a generator, the Killer’s and Survivors’ auras are revealed to you briefly.


When you have a goal in mind, there’s no turning back: better to ask forgiveness than permission. You can see your own scratch marks at all time. When your health is full, you can walk faster than normal.

Inner Strength

You look inward and trust your instincts when you feel lost and alone. When you complete a cleanse Totem action, the Perk activates. Once activated, you self-heal when entering a locker.

Unfortunately, to get the new Stranger Things crossover content you’ll have to purchase the DLC. Players will find that the Dead by Daylight Stranger Things chapter is marked for $11.99. If you’re uncertain if this DLC expansion is for you then check out the brand new trailer highlight the crossover event along with some screenshots to the game below.

Source: Steam