Borderlands 3: The Best Unique Guns & How To Find Them | Easter Eggs & Secrets Guide

Borderlands 3 is packed with Easter eggs, reference, and secrets — and in this guide, we’re focusing on the best of the bunch.

Yes, we’re looking for Easter eggs and secrets that give you unique guns. Not every unique gun is legendary, but many of them are. Some of the best guns in the game come from these drops, and we’ll continue to update this huge list with all the best, weirdest, and most wonderful weapons you can grab in Borderlands 3.

Some of these weapons are hidden behind strange codes, others drop randomly, while others are found on side-quests that take you on whimsical, Easter egg journeys. They’re all awesome, so you won’t want to miss them.

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The Best Unique Guns & How To Find Them | Easter Eggs & Secrets Guide

[Work-in-Progress: There are many, MANY Unique Weapons to find in Borderlands 3. We’ll continue to update this article with our lasted finds.]

Extreme Hangin’ Chadd – Unlimited Ammo Gun

The ridiculously titled ‘Extreme Hangin’ Chadd’ is a blue gun, but it’s got a huge bonus. It gives you unlimited ammo — by some quirk of the design, it doesn’t use ammo to shoot, and it doesn’t overheat you gun. I thought this was a bug, but extensive testing proved otherwise. This thing is a cheat code in gun form.

You can find it in the Floormoor Basin. After unlocking the town of Reliance (you’ll do this in the main story) you’ll be able to take on a side mission with a weirdo named Chadd. Complete his quest, and the Extreme Hangin’ Chadd is your’s.

Hazardous Sellout – An Elemental Legendary Pistol With Punch

The killer ‘Hazardous Sellout’ pistol is awesome, and it’s extremely easy to miss. Why? Because you have to do exactly what the Calypso Twins want you to do. It’s basically in our video game playing nature to always do the opposite of what the bad guys ask — and in this case, it’s killing yourself.

To get the Hazardous Sellout pistol, you have to complete the ‘Family Jewel’ main quest in the Voracious Canopy. After that, you’ll eventually make your way to the Ambermire on Eden-6. Here, just check your map and complete side missions until you get one that’s all about the Calypsos. They want you to kill yourself — just go along with it. Die and respawn, and you’ll earn the powerful Hazardous Sellout legendary.

Conference Call – One Of The Best Legendary Shotguns From BL2

The Conference Call is one of the best Legendary weapons from Borderlands 2, and it’s back with even more firepower than before. The Conference Call is a unique weapon dropped by Captain Truant, the boss at the end of the planet Athenas.

Like the Rick & Morty Shotgun, this one can project it’s own shield. Unlike that gun, instead of launching damage back at enemies, it refills your stock of ammunition. This insane gun made it possible to solo the raid boss, and it’s got power to spare in this game too.

The Graveward, the second Vault boss, can also drop this weapon. Obviously, Captain Truant is much easier to farm. He won’t drop it every single time, so just keep quitting and respawning at the nearby New-U Station until Truant drops this shotgun.

Burning Choppa Shotgun – Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

This crazy shotgun shoots whips of fire instead of standard pellets. You’ll find the Burning Choppa in a side-quest that’s absolutely packed with Lord of the Rings movie references — you’ll fight a ‘Balrog’ and you’ll run around a room that’s identical to the Mines of Moria room where the Hobbits face off against the Cave Troll. It’s so identical, you’ll even knock a skull off a well and into a deep dark hole — just like in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The quest to unlock the Burning Choppa is located in Konrad’s Hold, Pandora. Go to the “!” side-quest marker and accept the quest ‘The Demon In The Dark’. This is an area that’s pretty far into the story, so you’ll have to wait before you can unlock the Burning Choppa right quick.

Smart G.U.N. XXL – An SMG That Shoots Brain Turrets

This is a very smart gun. This legendary SMG can also launch turrets that will follow you around — turrets that are brains on legs! Weird, right? To get it, you’ll need to farm a boss in the Meridian Metroplex, Promethea area. Reach the quest ‘Hostile Takeover‘ and fight the boss. The boss is called ‘Gigamind‘ — and it might not drop this legendary weapon on your first attempt.

They’ll respawn, so just keep visiting until the Smart G.U.N. XXL drops. It might take a few tries!

One Pump Chump – One Punch Man Easter Egg Gun

This Legendary Jakobs Shotgun is one of the best early weapons in the game, and if you’re lucky enough to get it you’re likely to carry it with you for a long time. It’s also an insane One Punch Man Easter egg — you’ll have to defeat an enemy called One Punch that can indeed kill you in one punch. It’s a single-shot shotgun, and it’s well worth taking some time out of your busy looting / shooting schedule to collect it.

Travel to Meridian Metroplex – Lectra City, Promethea to begin farming. Go to the Market Square and find an entrance to the underground — then enter a strange room with multiple items you can interact with. You need to interact with the objects in a specific order.

  • Cabinet Button -> Wheel -> Lever -> Cabinet Switch -> Cabinet Switch

Interact in the correct order and a special enemy will spawn — yes, that’s the eponymous One Punch! Kill it before it kills you in one punch, and it might drop the unique One Pump Chump shotgun. Just keep trying if it doesn’t drop the first time!

Gettleburger – Rocket Launcher That Shoots Burgers

This ridiculous weapon launches, well, burgers instead of rockets. It deals out high corrosive damage, but it isn’t a high-rarity weapon — it’s only Blue, even if it is also totally unique. This is another weapon you can grab fairly early in the game.

To get this gun, travel to Meridian Metroplex, Promethea. Complete the quest ‘Dynasty Diner‘ to eventually unlock the burger launcher for yourself.

Eridian Fabricator – Gun That Shoots More Guns

One of the most ridiculous guns you can find in the game, the Eridian Fabricator is an insane gun that also shoots guns. Yes, it launches a blast of green-quality guns with every shot. Essentially, you can generate an endless amount of guns. It’s ridiculous, hilarious, and also Legendary. Here’s where to get it.

Late in the game, following the main story, you’ll meet a (very short) character that carries the Eridian Fabricator. To avoid spoiler, we won’t be too specific — but you can’t miss it. After meeting this guy, he’ll let you pay 1 Eridium for a blast of guns. Don’t bother! Complete his quests, and you’ll be able to use the Eridian Fabricator yourself.

There are many, many more unique weapons to find in Borderlands 3. Check back soon for more entries!