Borderlands 3: How To Get More Legendary Weapons | Rare Gun Tips & Tricks

Struggling to make progress in Borderlands 3? Aren’t we all. Gaining levels is important, but what’s really important is getting the best loot, and there are certain special activities you can complete that give you a high yield of purples and oranges. You’re limited by the weapons you’ve got equipped, and without powerful weapons you’ll crawl through the story from beginning to end.

If you want to plow through enemies like an avenging Iridium angel, you’ll need the best quality gear ASAP. Unfortunately, you can’t simply buy what you need from stores — vendors tend to sell worthless junk in the blue-green tier range. You’ll be getting plenty of that stuff already, so there’s no reason to waste your time buying it.

Join us as we dig into the best ways to grind for gear (and XP) in Borderlands 3.

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How To Level Up Faster & Get Better Loot | Progression Tips & Tricks

To level up faster, you’ll need killer weapons. To get killer weapons, you need to find high-tier chests. You won’t find these chests very often in the main game. You won’t even find them on the large open-world maps. They’re locked away — hidden in special caches.

Complete Typhon Crew Challenges And Find His Logs

In every region of the every planet, you’ll get special side-quests called Crew Challenges. These seemingly minor activities are actually incredibly useful — especially the Typhon Crew Challenge. In every area, there are three Typhon Logs you can find. They’re usually hidden on the edges of the map, so just driving around will help you spot them.

Find all three Typhon Logs and you’ll unlock hidden Typhon Caches. These Caches include high-tier chests that can net you purple or orange rarity weapons and gear. They’re incredibly valuable, so check your Crew Challenges and see which areas you need to complete. If you’re stuck, go finish up these mini-quests.

Use Golden Keys In Sanctuary III

If you’re really desperate for high-tier loot, you can spend some of these Golden Keys you can earn for free with a SHiFT account in Borderlands 3. You can access the SHiFT server in-game from the main menu, and input codes that’ll give you one (or several) Golden Keys.

Some players recommend saving those keys until you’re the highest level, but I say go ahead and use them whenever you’re stuck, or you just feel like you need to be stronger for a section of the story. You can find a full list of Golden Key codes and instructions for how to use SHiFT in the link below.

Farm Named Bosses For Legendary Weapons

While completing side-quests or main quests, sometimes you’ll encounter massive bosses with huge health bars that take up the entire screen. These are unique bosses, and they might seem special, but they’ll reappear if you return to their lairs.

What makes these bosses unique is one simple fact — they will almost always drop Legendary Weapons. I don’t mean they’ll drop them every single time, but every special boss will drop a unique Legendary if you farm them enough. You might have to repeat these bosses two, three, or even more times before they drop a handy Legendary, but whatever they drop is always worth collecting.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Mail

While you’re playing, it’s easy to forget about your mailbox. It’s even easier to just ignore it when you get a message pop-up, but you’ll want to actually check it out sometimes. If you’ve been getting lots of kills with a specific company’s weaponry, you’ll get Customer Loyalty Packages from that brand. Eventually, as your kill counter goes up, you’ll even start getting powerful special weapons that are worth checking out.

That’s just a few tips to help you hunt down the best rarity weapons in the game. There are lots (and lots) of legendaries and uniques floating around, so be sure to keep watching Guideranx for more tips and tricks.