Red Dead Online: Zombies Are Appearing, Here’s How To Find Them (And Get Some Jewels)

Source: [u/groats]

The undead are crawling around the vast open-world of Red Dead Online. Is this a tease for a future spooky October-based Halloween event, or maybe signs that an Undead Nightmare is returning to the wild west? There’s no way to know for now, but if you’re looking to find one of these spooky sights for yourself, there’s one not-so-random spot where they seem to be appearing more often.

Naturally, the spookiest spots in the game seem to spawn these grey-skinned, green-eyed horrors. The swamps outside the city, where the Night Folk haunt, or the northeast forest where an inbred family of man-eating monsters call home. Zombies seem to appear here, but it’s also pretty darn random. Here’s more info to help you track these guys down and earn some treasure in the process.

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The undead are a totally random event that can happen while you explore in RDO — you have to watch carefully, because these zombies will disappear when you look away. Finding them is easiest for dog owners; your helpful animal friend can lead you straight to a zombie while walking around the world.

For a more likely location, travel out to Armadillo. Outside the station, there’s a grave you can find where zombies seem to spawn. The town is experiencing a cholera outbreak, so the area is littered with dead. The grave is also a great place to search with your Metal Detector — the Metal Detector will spot jewelry every day in this spot.

Armadillo is a common spot, but the dog seems to be giving players the best chance at finding zombies. Dogs are leading players to zombies all over the map. Not even areas like Emerald Ranch are safe from the undead.