Red Dead Online: Where To Find All 3 Weekly Collector’s Items | Collector Role Guide [Week 1]

Don’t forget to pick up a shovel.

Red Dead Online just expanded in a big way this week with the new Roles System.

Now you can choose to play as a Collector, Trader or Bounty Hunter — and each one gives you new goals to reach and tons of activities to complete. In addition to the standard Role jobs, you can also complete Weekly or Daily Challenges. One of the trickiest we’ve found so far are the Weekly Collector Challenges.

As a Collector, you’ll have to track down extremely rare items. These items can appear almost anywhere on the map. There are multiple instances for each. Below, you’ll find one location for each. The weekly items will always spawn in these locations on [Week 1] so get them while they’re still available.

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Where To Find All 3 Weekly Collector’s Items | Collector Role Guide [Week 1]

Every week, the Collector Role can find extremely rare items in the environment. These items spawn in multiple locations, but they’ll also always appear in the following spots marked on the map below.

For Week 1, there are three collectibles to find — Eagle Egg, Bison Brush and Bone Arrowhead. [NOTE: The Shovel available for unlock / purchase Collector Role Merchant is required.]

Red Dead Redemption 2_20190912135041

Eagle Egg Location

Find an eagle egg in a nest, in a tree south of the Owanjila Dam near Strawberry. Use Eagle Eye to spot the glowing egg — and make sure you only use the Varmint Rifle to shoot the egg down. Using any other weapons, including the Bow and Arrow, will break the egg.

If you break the egg, log out and begin a new session. The egg will respawn.

Bison Brush Location

The Bison Brush is north of Van Horn. Go to the location marked on the map and look for the item on a chair.

Bone Arrowhead Location

The arrowhead is on a small island on the Don Julio River. For this, you’ll need to find a small mound of dirt you can dig up with the Collector Shovel — an item you can unlock / purchase from the Collector Role Merchant.