Layers of Fear 2: All Projector Slide Locations | ‘A Mosiac Of Misery’ Guide

When you reach the spooky cabin hub in Layers of Fear 2, you’ll find multiple gadgets to play around with. There’s a phonograph, a spyglass, and a projector with only one slide loaded into the tray. There are a total of 11 slide slots on the projector, and if you’re aiming to unlock the ‘Mosiac of Misery’ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to find them all.

They’re one of the trickier collectibles to find, and it took me a long time to spot them. There are two in each chapter, but they’re incredibly easy to overlook. They’re usually stored in shelves, and unlock the mysterious items or phonograph rolls, there’s a lot more of them — so you’ll have even more opportunities to miss them. After a single run, there were two particular slides I absolutely could not find.

With a little help and guidance, we’ve now got a complete set — and a complete set of collectibles guides. Check out the guides linked below for even more locations.

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All Projector Slide Locations | ‘A Mosiac Of Misery’ Guide

There are 11 photo slides to collect. Find them all to unlock ‘A Mosiac of Misery’ and complete your collection.

Chapter 1: Unmoored

Slide #1: It can’t be missed. The slide is already in the projector, in your starting cabin. Just view it by moving the projector tray.

Slide #2: Early in the chapter, you’ll reach a hallway with a door that creeks open on the left. Enter the cabin to the right, go past the bathroom (that disappears after walking through) and grab the slide in the upper shelf, in the drawer near the bed.

Slide #3: Following the dotted lines, you’ll eventually reach a room with multiple doors and a desk in the corner. Check the top shelf for the slide.

Chapter 2: The Hunt

Slide #4: When you reach the catwalks, you’ll have to turn a valve to stop steam to continue forward. Ahead, duck under the pipe and go right to find a hidden slide alcove.

Slide #5: A very tricky slide. In the room with the creepy kid walking on all-fours, one of the images has a slide — it’s in the bottom-right corner of the frame. Stop on that slide, and the collectible will appear on the floor.

Chapter 3: Bloody Roots

Slide #6: In the father’s bedroom, check the bottom drawer of the nightstand.

Slide #7: In the office where you can collect the missing rocket ship parts, look in the top drawer of the desk.

Chapter 4: Breathe

Slide #8: After flipping the chalk board and reversing the room, you’ll step into a larger area. To the left, you’ll find a piano — the slide is on the piano.

Slide #9: In the room where the formless man breaks out of a Nosferatu coffin, sprint down the hallway and stop at the second coffin. Close it to end the chase early — there’s also a photo slide to the left of the coffin, to the right of the stairs leading out.

Chapter 5: Forever

Slide #10: After completing the simple projector room puzzle, continue forward. In the underwater hallways, look left for a painting of skull-faces. There’s a slide just below that framed picture on the wall.

Slide #11: Past the vault and opening the three gold treasure chests, you’ll enter a small work room with an optional door to the left. Open it and run down this dead-end hall. There’s an object to interact with. On the way back, look down and right for an open crate containing a picture plate.