Layers of Fear 2: Where To Find All Phonograph Interviews | Collectibles Guide

Want to uncover more of the story in Layers of Fear 2? There’s one type of collectible that delves into the darker mysteries, and if you’re looking for a full set, they’re pretty easy to overlook while you’re dodging formless monsters and fearing the next jumpscare.

Phonograph Interviews are short audio logs — and their purpose is pretty mysterious. What do they mean? It’s hard for me to judge, and I’ve played through the game multiple times. If you’re deeply invested in the story and need some clues, or if you’re looking for that sweet 100% completion achievement, find all the hidden audio roll locations in the full guide below.

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Where To Find All Phonograph Interviews | Collectibles Guide

Audio Rolls / Phonograph Interviews are special collectibles you can access in your cabin. Use the phonograph near your bed — interact with the shiny rolls to place them, then crank the handle until it begins to spin automatically. 

Listen to all six, and you’ll unlock the ‘Full Scoop‘ achievement / trophy.

Audio Roll #1: This audio roll is available to listen to at any time. It’s always located in your cabin. Just open it and turn the crank to listen.

Audio Roll #2: Chapter 1 – After collecting the box of chalk, you’ll reach a hallway. Go to the family cabin at the end of the hallway, and look in the side drawer of the desk.

Audio Roll #3: Chapter 2 – In the area with the animal cages, before climbing the first ladder up, stop and enter the cage to the right. There’s a chest containing one of the audio rolls.

Audio Roll #4: Chapter 3 – Once you escape from the hedge maze, you’ll crawl into a decrepit room with a strange creature on the other side. Check the drawers to the left before leaving.

Audio Roll #5: Chapter 4 – After taking the (normal) stairs up early in the chapter, you’ll pass a work desk with a radio that’s been turned on. Open the drawer of the desk to find an audio roll.

Audio Roll #6: Chapter 5 – Near the end, on the ship, you’ll find the last phonograph interview in a treasure chest. Before stepping off the pirate boat, look for a chest you can open containing this item.