Layers of Fear 2: Where To Find Every Movie Poster | ‘Body of Work’ Collectibles Guide

Layers of Fear 2 is all about exploring the history of cinema. Sometimes you’ll explore sets inspired by the Wizard of Oz, and other times you’ll be sprinting away from monsters spawned by a Nosferatu in the distance.

There are tons of movie references, and many of them are in the unique movie powers you’ll find scattered throughout the map. There are three movie posters in each chapter — there are five chapters, so that’s fifteen movie posters you can very easily miss.

Finding them all will unlock the ‘Body of Work’ achievement / trophy, and some of them are a little tricky. Most are pretty easy to spot as you progress through the level, but a few require extra effort. You’ll need to solve additional puzzles, or explore areas you wouldn’t normally explore. We’ve got them all either way, and I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to get them.

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Where To Find Every Movie Poster | ‘Body of Work’ Collectibles Guide

There are 15 movie posters total. When you complete a chapter, the posters you’ve collected will appear in the second floor of your cabin. The achievement / trophy ‘Body of Work‘ will only pop after you’ve returned to your cabin. If you complete your collection in Chapter 5, start New Game+ to return to your cabin with all the collectibles you’ve found so far.


Chapter 1: Unmoored

Poster #1: After solving the spinning living room puzzle and placing the chair, crawl through to the next room over. The poster is on the wall near the director’s chair to the left.

Poster #2: In the black-and-white area, you’ll eventually reach a detective’s office. Across from the desk, there’s a poster on the wall above the couch.

Poster #3: The last poster of this chapter is found after solving the deer cinema door puzzle. After going through the door that materializes from the projector, crawl through the narrow space and reach the hallway. Instead of going forward (right) go to the dead end on your left.

Chapter 2: The Hunt

Poster #4: Past the door puzzle with the projector, you’ll reach a hallway with an optional lock. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there’s a kid sitting on a dresser in the room ahead. Find the room with the mannequin on the bed and turn the chalkboard to get the key code. The poster is located behind the locked door.

Poster #5: After the key scene in Chapter 2 (taking the meat / giving up), you’ll reach a hallway. Go left to the sitting child and enter the room to his left. The poster is in the bathroom at the back of the room.

Poster #6: While dodging the bright, blinding bursts of light, you’ll reach an outdoor area. Past the courtyard, you’ll enter the apartment building on the other side. There’s a door to the right that leads to an optional room with this poster.

Chapter 3: Bloody Roots

Poster #7: Complete the basement, and at the end you’ll be in a room with the four mannequin heads and the chest. Open the chest for a jumpscare, then open it again to find this poster.

Poster #8: Complete the children’s room, then go downstairs before progressing. Look in the closet at the end of the first floor hall to find this poster. It won’t appear until after the key scene in the pirate-themed kid’s room.

Poster #9: Leaving the room with the strange ‘father’ creature, and after the hedge maze, you’ll re-enter the projection room. Before leaving through the vent, grab this poster to the right.

Chapter 4: Breathe

Poster #10: You start the chapter in a weird kitchen with disappearing walls. To make the doors appear, step around the pillars — enter the room in the back-right corner of the second kitchen area. There’s a poster behind the shelves.

Poster #11: After backing through the hallway full of mannequins, you’ll reappear in a stark white hallway with black splotches. Continue down toward the large theater. Before entering the theater, there’s a poster you can collect on the wall.

Poster #12: Once you escape the formless man, you’ll hide in your tiny fort and exit into a black-and-white room that’s a reference to Twin Peaks. To the right, there’s a poster hanging up.

Chapter 5: Forever

Poster #13: Once you reach the elevator lobby, look to the right wall.

Poster #14: After prying away the multiple mannequin arms, you’ll reach a hallway where you hear a gunshot and see gold coins fly by. Enter the room to the right, near the mannequin posed like a shooter, and you’ll find a poster.

Poster #15: The final poster is in the dark dining room with the floating apples. Grab it to the right of the door leading to the kitchen.

Remember to return to the cabin to unlock the ‘Body of Work’ achievement / trophy! You need to complete the chapter and start New Game+.