Layers of Fear 2: How To Unlock All 3 Endings | Formless, Flame & Forever Endings Guide

Layers of Fear 2 is all about choices and consequences. Depending on your choices, you’ll see one of three endings — and yes, you can replay chapters and unlock additional endings without replaying the entire game. To change your fate, you’ll need to change your decisions, and below I’ll explain what to do to get each of the endings.

The three endings are called Formless, Flame, and Forever. It isn’t exactly clear what ending is ‘best’, but some endings are 100% better than the others. It’s all a matter of perspective, and finding all three endings won’t solve every mystery this strange horror game has to offer. There’s still plenty of extra stuff to unlock that slowly unravels this story.

Whatever the case, I’ll explain how to get each of the endings in the complete guide below.

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How To Unlock All 3 Endings | Formless, Flame & Forever Endings Guide


There are three endings in Layers of Fear 2. Formless, Flame and Forever — each ending is linked to certain actions in four key scenes. There is a key scene in each Chapter, from Chapter 1-4, that determines your fate.

At each key scene, you’ll be able to make one of two decisions. You might not even realize you’re making a decision, but you are. To get each ending, you’ll need to either obey the director, disobey, or do a mix of both. Here’s a quick rundown of each key scene, and the decisions you need to make.

Key Scene #1: Chapter 1

  • Obey: Shoot the woman on the right.
  • Disobey: Shoot the man on the left.

Key Scene #2: Chapter 2

  • Obey: Take the meat from the dog.
  • Disobey: Give up and give the meat to the dog.

Key Scene #3: Chapter 3

  • Obey: Shoot the girl in the center.
  • Disobey: Shoot the puppets on the left / right.

Key Scene #4: Chapter 4

  • Obey: In the flooded hallway, turn around and go into the fire.
  • Disobey: Sprint against the current and reach the end of the hallway.

How To Get All 3 Endings

Each ending is determined by which choices you make in the four key scenes.

Flame: Stay loyal to the director. Always obey the director.

Forever: Disobey the director every time.

Formless: Lose your mind. Disobey and obey the director. You haven’t chosen yet.

It seems that only the first two choices in the game matter — for me. If you choose to obey in Key Scene 1+2, you’ll get Flame. If you choose to disobey in Key Scene 1+2, you’ll get Forever.

If you choose to disobey once and obey once in Key Scene 1+2, you’ll get Formless. For me, the last two key scenes don’t seem to matter. As long as you correctly select the first two scenes, you can skip ahead and complete Chapter 5. You’ll get your ending when you complete Chapter 5.