Layers of Fear 2: How To Send An S.O.S. & Unlock ‘The Perfect Storm’ | Easter Egg Guide

Before telephones, the only way to send messages wirelessly was with morse code. And you can use this old technology to earn a fancy achievement / trophy in Layers of Fear 2. Here’s one I figured out all on my own, so I’ve got to write up this Easter egg-ish secret for myself. Basically, if you’ve ever seen a movie with morse code, then you’ve heard the international distress signal — an S.O.S.

S.O.S. doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just a random set of letters and numbers associated with the international distress signal. Every country uses this standard distress signal, so it doesn’t matter who’s listening, they’ll know you need help. Your helpless actor in Layers of Fear 2 certainly needs aid, and if you’re willing to ask, you’ll unlock ‘The Perfect Storm’ achievement / trophy. I’ll explain how to input this code below. It’s simple and a little complicated for modern players.

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How To Send An S.O.S. & Unlock ‘The Perfect Storm’ | Easter Egg Guide

You’ll get two chances to input an S.O.S. signal. You’ll be able to send morse code in Chapter 1 or Chapter 5 — but it’s much easier to reach in Chapter 1. Just rush through the opening and you’ll quickly reach the wireless room with the morse code machine. You can unlock this achievement / trophy then quit the chapter.

S.O.S. is morse code — you’ll find a device in the wireless room that you tap. When you touch it, it makes a sound. Morse code is a series of dots and lines — dots are short taps, lines are longer taps.

In text, morse code looks like this:

  • SOS: … — …
    • S: …
    • O: —

That’s three ‘dots’ and three ‘lines’ followed by three ‘dots’. Tap quickly [x3] for an S. For an O, hold each tap [x3] slightly longer. To hear what an SOS sounds like, use the Morse Code Translator here.

Repeat this multiple times, tapping out morse code. It might take a few rounds before the achievement / trophy pops. Unfortunately, you can’t actually call for help. Nobody is going to help you. You’re on your own on the high seas.