Layers of Fear 2: How To Solve Every Puzzle | Keys, Codes & Solutions Guide

Layers of Fear 2 isn’t just about the scares — even if it is mostly about the scares. No, there are other challenges to complete as you trudge through all five chapters. You’ll have to solve puzzles to progress through the game, and each one is stranger than the last. If you’re stuck, or need a hint pointing you in the right direction, we’ve got a complete list of puzzles for each chapter.

Making progress in Layers of Fear 2 is sometimes strange, and the triggers for some events aren’t always clear. We’ll try to explain any of the trickier sequences and areas in the game, without giving you a step-by-step walkthrough. This is all about explaining the major puzzles, and some of the minor ones too.

There are lots of optional puzzles in Layers of Fear 2, and we might miss a few of those — check back soon as we add more puzzles to our list and try to unwrap the many mysteries of this creepy psychological horror game.

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How To Solve Every Puzzle | Keys, Codes & Solutions Guide

Check each section below for specific explanations for each puzzle. The puzzles are separated by chapters — some ‘puzzles’ may not actually be puzzles, you just need to mess with objects and walk around the environment until the path forward suddenly appears. 

If you’re stuck, try these common tactics to make progression:

  • Pick up something in the room. Try picking it up multiple times.
  • Walk to a door, corner, or look in an obvious direction. You may have to look away, then look again.
  • Return to areas you’ve previously explored. You can’t backtrack far, so it helps to backtrack and see if anything new has appeared / opened up.

In the case of actual, legit puzzles, you’ll find the solutions below.

Chapter 1: Unmoored

Lock Puzzle #1: The first puzzle you’ll encounter is a locked door with a number pad. To find the number pad solution, look up through the ceiling where the weight broke through. When facing the gate, look up — our solution was 7-4-4, but the numbers are always randomized.

The Chair Puzzle: In the living room set, you’ll enter a room with a sitting figure. Behind the set, there’s a lever and a switch. Use the lever to speed-up or slow down the room rotation, and the switch to lower the chair. Slowly turn the room until the white dotted line is above the chair, then lower it into the marked spot.

The Spotlights: Not exactly a puzzle, but if you can weave through the area without reseting the scene, you’ll earn the ‘In One Take’ achievement / trophy. Simply sprint by when the light shines down.

The Vault & Safe: In the black-and-white area, you’ll encounter a locked vault. Spin the wheel to unlock it, then input the code [10-80-40]. To input the code, turn the tumbler to 10 (counter-clockwise), 80 (clockwise), and 40 (counter-clockwise). Make sure to release the tumbler to input each of the three numbers, or the safe won’t open.

Projector Puzzle #1: At the first projector puzzle you encounter in the game, interact with the projector itself and move until you find a slide with a door printed on it. Stop and approach the door and it will materialize.

Chapter 2: The Hunt

Dark Rooms: To light up dark rooms in this chapter, find the engine controllers. Turn the lever in either direction — full speed ahead, or the opposite side. It doesn’t matter which you choose.

The Generator: To activate the generator, grab and unplug the power conduit from the wall, then plug it into the opposite wall. When that’s done, turn the lever to light up the chamber.

Lower Decks Attack: When the monster arrives in the lower decks, quickly run into the open doorway on your right and seal the door. The pipes will break and shoot steam out — dodge the steam until the monster goes away.

Projector Puzzle #2: This projector puzzle is a little trickier. To solve it, first go to the slide with the door frame. Wait for it to appear, then go to the door slide. Next, go to the door knob slide. Finally, go to the key slide — a key will appear on a small table to the left of the door itself.

Lock Puzzle #2 (Optional): This optional lock leads to the next poster collectible. You’ll find it on a hallway door, past the compass you pick up. To find the code, enter the room to the left ahead. A mannequin is on a table and freaks out — opposite the table is a chalk board. Turn it around to find the randomly generated code.

Gears Puzzle: When you first enter the strange area themed after Metropolis, you’ll climb down into a room with a large circular disc. There are multiple wheels you can turn using three switches — two switches move the disc clockwise / counter-clockwise, and the lever toggles which disc you’re turning.

Turn the two discs, inner and outer, until they all match. Use the curved line to easily match them all up, then return to the original area with the workers.

Clock Puzzle: This puzzle is easier than it looks. When you return to the factory floor with the large face, the mannequin working the clock will collapse. All you have to do is use the lever to point at a number — point at numbers to add them up and match the number shown to the left. Complete three rounds of this, and you’re done. There’s no trick, just don’t overshoot.

Key Scene #2: You might get stuck in this key scene. If you want to follow the balanced path, you’ll need to continue to move the scales back and forth — select [Instinct] and then [Reason]. This puzzle involves a silhouette of a dog and a man. Whether you want to Give Up or Take It, you’ll need to follow this balanced approach.

Bathtub Puzzle: In the room with the bathtub and mannequin, move the curtain and then pull the plug from the wall. Drop the sparking plug into the bathtub to unlock the door, then run.

Chapter 3: Bloody Roots

More solutions coming soon.

Chapter 4: Breathe

More solutions coming soon.

Chapter 5: Forever

Projector Puzzle: The projector puzzle in this chapter is simple. Just slide the projector tiles until you see an image scrawled onto it — after finding the first image, find the second. The wall will break and reveal the path forward.

Mannequin Maze: Near the end, you’ll enter a maze of mannequin bodies. Three Formless Men will ambush you here. The first two you can simply run past, but the last one is trickier. He appears right next to the exit. To avoid him, activate him then run away and circle back around using an alternate corridor.

And that’s it for now! Check back soon for new updates and more Layers of Fear 2 content.