Layers of Fear 2 Release Date Officially Revealed

Layers of Fear was a successful horror title when it launched back in 2016 and now Bloober Team is preparing for the upcoming sequel. However, until today, we didn’t know just when the sequel would drop, but now we get the official word that Layers of Fear 2 is launching in the coming month. Best of all, it’s available on most platforms, but it looks like the Nintendo Switch may not get a port or if it does, this may be a game put out at a later date.

If you recall Layers of Fear, this was a terrifying game full of jump scares where players take on the role of a disturbed painter. As you attempt to create your latest artwork, you explore a mansion full of twisted paintings, scares and puzzles. When the sequel was announced it was revealed that the game would be a new standalone story which features an actor. Set to take on a new role, players will board a ship only for the horrifying journey to settle back in.

As mentioned, the game finally has a release date attached. Players will be able to pick up Layers of Fear 2 on May 28, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Only time will tell if this game will retain the same horror and appeal as the first title delivered to gamers originally. At any rate, we don’t have any word as to if the game will make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The original title, Layers of Fear, did launch on the platform back in February of last year so it could be a safe bet that a port will be delivered at some point, but that is speculation on our part.

Source: PC Gamer