Layers of Fear 2: How To Get The Good Ending | ‘Forever’ Choices Guide

Layers of Fear 2 isn’t just about the craft of acting, but also about how we build our own identity. In your first playthrough, you’ll encounter four important choices — these choices will change which ending you get, and not all of them are obvious.

You might not even realize there are alternate choices and paths you can take. Here, we’re going to explain those four choices and reveal how to unlock the ‘Forever’ achievement / trophy.

There is a different choice to make in each chapter. You’ll be able to replay chapters and reselect choices once you unlock New Game+, and you can check the status of your choices any time in-game. Just go through the door marked ‘recording’ and you’ll check out all of your current choices in the timeline.

The developers describe Layers of Fear 2 as a game with ‘choices and consequences’ — and these are the best possible choices you can make.

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How To Get The Good Ending | ‘Forever’ Choices Guide

To get the ‘good’ ending, you don’t need to worry about collectibles — this ending is all about the choices you make, and going against the grain. You need to subvert all four choices to unlock this ending, which will earn you the ‘Forever‘ achievement / trophy.

There is one choice per chapter. As stated above, you can ‘reselect’ your choices by replaying chapters in New Game+. Go through the door marked ‘Recording’ in the hub room to see what choices you’ve made. Here, we’re aiming for the most ‘positive‘ choices.

Chapter 1: Unmoored

Late in the chapter, you’ll collect a flintlock pistol. You can aim it left or right — the director instructs you to shoot ‘the right one’. Ignore him and shoot the left target, a mannequin in a top hat.

Keep doing this until the choice is complete. You’ll have to shoot multiple times.

Chapter 2: The Hunt

In this chapter, you’ll reach a point where you see a man and a dog silhouette projected onto a screen. You need to follow your [Instincts], then follow [Reason], then allow the dog to take the meat. Choose to [Give Up] instead of fighting.

Chapter 3: Bloody Roots

When you end the children’s room with the pirate ship, you’ll be given another flintlock pistol and told to shoot your sister in the back. Don’t do it — instead, aim for the puppets on your right / left.

Shoot the puppet to your right once. The scene will reset — shoot the puppet to your right multiple times until it falls apart.

Chapter 4: Breathe

In this chapter, you might not even realize there is a choice. Later on, you’ll encounter a chamber with a strong current of water. The current pushes you away from the bright light. Normally, the current will sweep you back and into the ‘normal’ exit.

Fight against the current by sprinting and hiding behind debris when the water is strongest. If you keep moving, you’ll be able to enter the opposite end of the hallway.

Chapter 5: Forever

To get the ‘Forever’ ending, simply complete the chapter until you reach the cutscene where you run away from the burning boat with your sister.

The ‘Forever’ ending shows the actor going out on stage and encountering their younger self — just like normal, except this time you’re in a more feminine form. The characters talk about ‘the truth’ revealed. Is the actor actually the sister of the sister / brother duo?

The image changes, showing the changing room. The actor examines their face, seeing their ‘true’ selves, and the posters also change, showing feminine figures on the posters you’ve been collecting. Refocusing on the large chest in the corner of the room, the camera zooms in before the chest bursts open.

What does it all mean? What’s inside the chest? We still need to investigate the story to figure that out.