Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Now Have PC Demos Available

When it comes to PlayStation exclusives, chances are you may make note of Quantic Dream titles. Previously, the development studio released three big hitters for the platform but that has since changed. We’re of course referring to Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and their most recent launch, Detroit: Become Human. However, now after some time has passed and Quantic Dream received an investor to help expand the studio, the video games have moved away from Sony and invaded the PC platform. For those who were wanting to try the three titles out but only had a gaming PC available will soon finally get the chance.

The three video game titles are heavily focused on QTEs and a cinematic narrative but they were beloved by plenty of gamers and allowed the development studio to continue on with crafting new pieces of art for players to enjoy. While we don’t know what the studio is working on next, we do know that the three past releases are coming to PC with Heavy Rain already available today. Heavy Rain is a crime thriller in which players must hunt down a serial killer that targets children. Beyond: Two Souls is a supernatural narrative in which follows a woman who is connected to an invisible ghost leaving her with an unusual and at times frustrating life. Lastly, the most recent video game release from Quantic Dream is Detroit: Become Human, a science-fiction story which follows a world in which humans and human-like androids dwell together.

Currently, Heavy Rain is available today but you can enjoy the demo for free right now along with a demo releasing today for Beyond: Two Souls though that particular game is not releasing until July 22, 2019. Once again, last but not least, Detroit: Become Human does not have a demo available nor is there a release date attached for a PC launch but it’s expected to come out before the end of this year. All three titles will be available on the Epic Games Store though if you’re unsure if your PC can run the video games then we have a breakdown of the PC system requirements right here.


Source: Bloody Disgusting