Hideo Kojima Sends Out Another Bizarre Teaser For Death Stranding

For decades when the name Hideo Kojima came up it was associated with big-name video game titles and of course Konami. We’re probably sounding like a broken record here but as I’m sure you know, Hideo Kojima and Konami had a nasty split. This resulted in Hideo no longer having control over Metal Gear Solid and the cancellation of Silent Hills. However, since the split Hideo Kojima went on to make his own video game development studio and his first IP to release is known as Death Stranding. The video game has been teased plenty since its official announcement but since its announcement, we really haven’t got a clear answer as to what the game will be about.

Hideo Kojima likes to keep gamers guessing and to further tease potential players, we have a new teaser from the official Hideo Kojima Twitter account. It’s a short teaser so don’t expect too much but like past teasers and trailers, we’re not too sure what to make of it. All we get is a small handprint with some background visuals that’s hard to make out what they actually are. Furthermore, the text is shown that simply says “Create The Rope” and again, we don’t know just what the significance will be about with this phrase.

As it stands this is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it’s not clear as to when the game will be released. We’re of course hoping for an official reveal with Hideo Kojima depicting what gamers can expect but for now, these small teasers will have to suffice.


Source: GameSpot, Twitter