PlayStation 5 Will Cross-Play With PlayStation 4 Online

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When it comes to the next generation of consoles we really don’t know too much. There’s plenty of speculation and rumors circulating online but few details actually emerge from the official company working on the hardware. For instance, we know the PlayStation 5 is in the works but there are only a few slim details about the console that has been made known to the public. With Sony skipping E3 this year, we’re not sure just when the console will finally make its official unveiling but we do expect more information to come out for the system before the end of the year. Regardless, we do know that the system will be able to connect with PlayStation 4 gamers online.

This announcement came from a Q&A session at Sony IR Day  2019 where John Kodera, a PlayStation executive, stated that the console would connect online to PlayStation 4 gamers and the two systems could offer cross-play. We’re not too shocked from the announcement as Sony also previously stated that the Sony PlayStation 5 would also allow gamers to play PlayStation 4 video games.

Again, this is just brief small announcements in regards to the PlayStation 5 and likely something to give gamers something to hold over until its official announcement with the big video game giant not attending E3 2019. If Sony has everything aligned as they planned then this could be a big video game console release with a focus on a more seamless transition for veteran users on the PlayStation 4 along with newcomers who will have a whole console generation backlog to enjoy on the upcoming platform.

Source: BGR