PlayStation 4 Will Remain Profitable For Three Years According To Sony

The Sony PlayStation 4 was a profitable console full of features and great IP exclusives. However, it’s no secret that the console platform is on its way out the door with the next generation consoles being teased more and more. We’re already getting the next generation Xbox announcement during E3 this year though Sony has been slowly teasing they’re upcoming despite not attending E3 themselves. For instance, a new slew of information has been releasing online after a demo showcased the PlayStation 5 load times compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. While the PlayStation 5 is clearly faster, it doesn’t come to much of a surprise but we at least know that the PlayStation 4 line of video games will be able to load up quickly.

In a recent meeting at Sony, a new PDF file was uploaded to showcase some behind-the-scenes views in regards to the PlayStation 5 along with their current console release, the PlayStation 4. Apparently, Sony feels that the PlayStation 4 will remain profitable and a means of engagement for the next three years. This is the window in which the PlayStation 5 will launch but we’re apparently still going to receive plenty of AAA big title releases on the current generation platform.

We also know that the PlayStation 5 went into development with backward compatibly in-mind. Sony is using backward compatibility as a means to transition the community of gamers into the next generation of platforms seamlessly. With a large library of PlayStation 4 exclusively that will load faster on the PlayStation 5, gamers can jump to the console without dealing with lack of content to enjoy during its initial launch year.

With all that said, we still don’t have a price point in which the PlayStation 5 will launch with nor do we have a release date. As mentioned, Sony will not be attending E3 2019 this year which would have likely been a perfect set stage for the console announcement. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just when or where Sony plans on making their next console reveal.

Source: Sony, Gamerant