Fans Are Giving Star Wars: Rogue Squadron A Proper HD Remake

Years ago before EA acquired the rights to develop exclusive Star Wars video game titles, there were a plethora of titles releasing in the market. It was seemingly a nonstop of great and diverse Star Wars video games readily coming to the market. For instance, one of the popular series that only saw three installments was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, where players took part in a series of flight based battles. Unfortunately, this series has laid dormant for a number of years now and it’s a wonder if we’ll ever get a proper remake or a fourth entry. However, we’re going to see a group of fans take a stab at giving the first installment a proper HD remake, that is unless they get shut down.

A group is bringing the first installment to the Unreal Engine which is slowly making some fantastic results. This collection of fans building up the game remake has also released a new trailer showing off the progress especially since this game originally released on PC and the Nintendo 64 back in 1998. So far there is no specific release date as to when the game will be completely finished, but the progress is being reported over at their subreddit.

While we have no idea if this series will ever get back into official development, the fan creation being worked on looks incredible and its something we can’t wait to check out. The big worry here is if this project will get killed off by EA, but at any rate, you can check out the work done so far within the video uploaded above.


Source: Kotaku