Layers of Fear 2: Save Souls In This Elaborate Se7en Easter Egg | ‘Se7en Seas’ Guide

You’ll take a long trip down the rabbit hole of film history in Layers of Fear 2, but some of the references are surprisingly current. Starting with Nosferatu, The Wizard of Oz, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Metropolis, you’ll eventually start to explore modern masterpieces.

When a reference to Alien appears, it feels strangely inappropriate — and then there’s a huge, multi-room reference to Se7en, the David Fincher directed thriller about a serial killer that murders people with elaborate schemes based on the seven deadly sins.

You won’t be able to explore all seven deadly sins, but you will get to revisit all the murder scenes featured in the movie. All of them are recreated here — and you’ll get an achievement / trophy for completing them all. There’s a small puzzle associated with each room, and the rooms are completely optional. There’s no reason you need to visit any of them, unless you want to aim for 100% completion.

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Save Souls In This Elaborate Se7en Easter Egg | ‘Se7en Seas’ Guide

In Chapter 4: Breathe, you’ll encounter multiple tableaus setup to match the gruesome killings patterned after the seven deadly sins in the movie Se7en. What do these images have to do with Layers of Fear 2? Maybe nothing, but you’ll be able to fully explore every death scene from the movie in the game.

The Se7en scenes appear after the Key Scene in Chapter 4. Continue on, and you’ll enter a strange apartment and have to pull a dead fat mannequin from the table. This is the first of the Seven Sins — gluttony, and the first scene from the movie Se7en. From there, you’ll be able to enter several scenes. Each one is a small puzzle.

Almost every kill from the movie is represented in a little vignette. If you’re a fan, just check out the pictures below to see what each kill scene looks like in the twisted world of Layers of Fear 2.



Pull the body from the bowl — grab the head and tug, and you’ll be able to open the rat cage. The goal of each scene is to open a rat cage.


For Sloth, pull the IV drip from the mannequin’s arm to unlock the rat cage.


Pull the teddy bear off the body in the bedroom to unlock the cage.


To solve this puzzle, match the images on the television screens with the body parts shown in the two paintings. When the objects match, the rat cage will unlock.


This one is located down the neon hallway, and into the basement room. Remove the sheet covering the body to unlock the rat cage.


The final sin that’s represented in-game. You’ll find the head of your sister in a box deeper in chapter 4.

All of these scenes are optional. When you arrive in this area, you can immediately leave by entering the pirate ship cove, looking at the child’s drawing, and climbing the ladder out. If you stay and complete all the ‘puzzles’, you’ll get the ‘Se7en Seas‘ achievement / trophy.