Layers of Fear 2: All Mysterious Items Locations & How To Decode | ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ Guide

If you’re like us, you probably completed Layers of Fear 2 and said, “Huh?” — I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about this game or it’s lore, but I do know there are a few more hidden audio logs you can uncover that reveal slightly more about the setting. If you’re ready to unlock the mysteries of the Layers of Fear series, then you can locate (and unlock) four sets of secret dialogue.

We’re double-dipping into the madness here. You’ll earn the ‘We Are Not Alone’ and the ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ achievements / trophies for completing these collectible hunts. These are some of the trickiest challenges in the game, and if you’re looking to replay the story, this should be your main goal.

Not only do these hidden dialogues reveal secrets about Layers of Fear 2, you’ll even learn the mystery behind the original Layers of Fear. Yes, there’s a little magical retconning going on, and the artist returns for another round of lunacy.

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All Mysterious Items Locations & How To Decode | ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ Guide

There are five mysterious objects to find in Layers of Fear 2. Each one has a unique hidden message you can unlock. First, you’ll need the mysterious note, which offers clues on how to listen to the four secret messages.

  • Mysterious Note: Chapter 2 – When crawling through the vents, you’ll be able to enter an optional room by taking a left. Find the strange note on a bed inside.

The mysterious note is unique — it describes how to collect a special conch shell. In the cabin, use the spy glass and look out toward the horizon. Look for 42 seconds, and the shell will spawn — zoom in on it to collect it.

Now that you have the conch shell, you can attach it to the four mysterious objects in the cabin area. Each mysterious object appears on the display area. To ‘decode’ an object, place the conch shell on the slot of the object, and you’ll hear a secret, unique audio log.

These are the most secret, hardest to find collectibles in the game, and uncovering these secret audio logs reveals the deepest truths in the story.

  • Mysterious Object #1: Chapter 2 NG+ – Early in the chapter, you’ll reach a projector room puzzle. Ignore it and continue down the hall through a door. You’ll find a switch — flip it, and quickly rush down the passage before the timer runs out. If you reach the other side fast enough, you’ll be able to collect a rare mysterious object.
  • Mysterious Object #2: Chapter 3 – Once you reach the hedge maze through the projector room door, you’ll have to progress by crouching down. Don’t go yet — instead, go deeper in the hedge maze entrance to find a puzzle in a tree. You’ll need to clear all the circles from the slots. When all of them are removed, the object will appear nearby.
  • Mysterious Object #3: Chapter 4 – After the key scene, you’ll briefly enter a messy dining area with a locked chest. Unlock the chest by looking at the three playing card numbers on the floor nearby — the numbers are random, but there’s always a mysterious object inside.
  • Mysterious Object #4: Chapter 4 NG+ – At the very end of the chapter, right before opening the box with your sister’s head, look in the peephole to the left of the large statue object where the little boy is sitting. Go around the room you appear inside and adjust the rat statues so they’re all looking at the large rat in the center. When everything is in place, you’ll get the final object.