Layers of Fear Dev Interview: Tons of Info for Inheritance, VR Possibility, Future Projects & More


Layers of Fear originally launched this past February, and received major praise for its unique creepy atmosphere and gripping story. Recently, the studio behind this creation, Bloober Team, announced Inheritance, which will act as a story expansion to the main game.

Layers of Fear’s main character, the painter, had a little girl, who we got to see in some pictures here and there in the original game. Inheritance focuses on the little girl, who is now an adult. She decided to revisit her father’s mansion, to try and face her childhood memories, as well as discover the reason behind her father’s obsession with painting.

We got the chance to sit down with Rafał Basaj, Bloober Team’s PR Manager, and he was kind enough to answer all our questions regarding Layers of Fear’s Inheritance DLC, the studio’s upcoming plans, VR, and more.

Layers of Fear took people on average around 4 to 6 hours to complete, so how long should we expect Inheritance DLC to last?

As with all DLCs out there, it will be shorter than the base game, however, Inheritance is constructed differently – you won’t be able to rush from room to room, completely disregarding anything on your path, so the game might feel as long as Layers of Fear for some. Furthermore, we have prepared multiple endings in the expansion that add a lot of replayability  to  the  game.  People  who  will  take their  time  exploring the content of Inheritance will most definitely enjoy a longer experience.

Inheritance focuses on the painter’s daughter and all we know about her is that she came back to revisit the mansion. Can you tell us more about her and how long did it take her to come back?

She is now all grown up. She has a life of her own, but she cannot forget about the past; about her father and his obsession. She comes back to the mansion to face her childhood memories, try to understand why the painter did what he did.

Layers of Fear was very open for interpretation and we want it to be true with the DLC as well, so I won’t delve deeper into the background story – I’ll leave it to your imagination to fill all the blanks we have left the players with.

You’ve mentioned in the Steam forums that just like the main game, Inheritance will also have two distinct endings. Can you tell us more about these endings? And how will they bond in with the main game’s ending?

Like in Layers of Fear, you will need to make up your mind between two important decisions for the daughter. Although Inheritance expands the plot from the base game, shedding some light  on  events  left  open  for  interpretation,  it’s  mostly  the  daughter’s  story   and   her perspective  on  living  in  a  dysfunctional  family.  Everything you  discovered  while  playing Layers of Fear will be important for understanding the new story and it’s highly recommended that you finish the base game before you launch the DLC.

Will the ending of the main game affect the ending of Inheritance or affect its story in any way?

You won’t be able to understand Inheritance fully without the knowledge of Layers of Fear. The characters, events and madness are the same – the thin line between all of them is what binds the base game and the expansion together. It actually doesn’t matter which of the three endings you have reached in Layers of Fear – the daughter was already away from home when the base game plot has ended. It’s her perspective that we focus on  – her experiences that she had to endure and to what future they will lead her.

Will Inheritance have its own unique soundtrack?

Yes, it will. There are 6 new tracks composed for Inheritance.


How many DLC and/or expansions do you guys plan on adding to Layers of Fear?

We had Inheritance in our minds while finishing up Layers of Fear, but we made the decision to make the DLC a reality after launch. There are many ways we could expand the universe of Layers of Fear, but we haven’t made any decisions regarding possible following expansions.

We  are  currently  focusing  on  our  next  IP,  which  we  presented  for  the  first  time during this year’s PC Gaming Show called >observer_ – it is a hidden horror game set in a grim Cyberpunk world. This project will take most of our time for now probably.

There is something that has been bugging me since I finished the game, and that’s the door near the bedroom. It stays locked till the end and you never get to see what’s behind.

Can we assume that it’s the girl’s bedroom when she was younger or is it an area that we will explore in a future DLC or story expansion?

I can tell you that you will finally be able to enter that room, but I will stop at that – you know, spoilers and stuff.

There have been a lot of rumors about VR support for Layers of Fear, which in my opinion will make the game even more immersive than it already is. 

Do you ever think of adding VR support in the future or even in future titles?

Layers of Fear VR is something a lot of people keep asking for. However, porting a game to VR is not simple, there are many obstacles that need to be tackled for the game to work properly in Virtual Reality, examples include fluent movement, and the feeling of naturally traversing the  world,  without  your  brain  shouting  “something’s not  right  here,  I better  switch  on barfing mode just in case;” to things like issues with the  User  Interface  and  preserving  a constant   frame   rate   without   losing   graphic quality. We are constantly researching the technology, finding ways to improve both the performance and the overall feeling of playing in virtual reality. Where will it lead us? Who knows?


|Medium| and Scopophobia are two of the games listed in your Projects section. They look like two really interesting and promising titles.

From Scopophobia’s description we can understand that you’ll get to choose to play as either the hunter or the hunted so can you clarify more on how will that work and the game’s story, setting, modes and such?

Both Medium and Scopophobia are projects under development. The moment we are ready to talk in detail about them we will let you know.

As for |Medium|, the artwork caught my attention instantly, but up until now, we know almost nothing about it.

Can you tell us more about it If you can, whether it will follow the same route as Layers of Fear and go for the psychotic horror genre or a bit more RPG or what?

Although I can’t talk about Medium in detail right now, I’ll focus on what type of games can you expect from Bloober Team. We are trying to popularise a new genre, which we are calling the hidden horror. The essence of this new genre can be divided into three main aspects: Experience – comprising of a dark atmosphere that feeds on the fear of the unknown, filled with metaphors and symbols; Gameplay – focused on environmental storytelling, interactive narration and exploration; Story – revolving around psychological, emotional and intimate themes and events, all boiling down to the meaningful decisions the player can make while playing. Layers of Fear was the first game governed by those principles, the next will be >observer_, the following projects will most likely follow the same path.

Also, when can we expect Scopophobia or |Medium| to release, and will they release on all platforms just like Layers of Fear?

They are under development and we’re still not in a place where we feel comfortable sharing any dates or platforms. Giving a release date too early may end up with postponing the launch date because of various possible issues occurring – we just want to avoid such situations.

Finally, I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to know more about Inheritance and Bloober Team’s future.

First and foremost, thank you for supporting us and our games! You have been very close to Layers of Fear from the first days it debuted on Steam Early Access. We have gone a long way working together to polish and improve the game. Now we give you the expansion that we have kept from your knowledge for this past few months. We hope it will make at least such an impact as the base game had on you back in February. Without you Layers of Fear would be the next horror game that vanished in the void of other awesome titles available on the market.

Thank you for reaching out and I hope the answers I have provided will be satisfactory. Please support Inheritance, and look forward to >observer_! See you behind the darkness!

Layers of Fear’s Inheritance DLC releases on August 2nd, and will be available for $4.99.