The Division 2: Classified Assignments Nelson Theatre – Where To Find All Collectibles & Backpack Trophy

There are two new Classified Assignments available for Year Pass owners in The Division 2, and since we’ve already covered the first mission — the National Bond Armory — we’re also obligated to complete the second mission too. Here’s where to find all the hidden collectibles and get yourself another fancy backpack trophy.

Like before, the Classified Assignments are temporarily locked after completing them. You’ll have to wait until the daily reset before you can jump back in — every Classified Assignment (so far) has four audio log collectibles, and one backpack trophy. They’re all semi-hidden in optional areas, so if you’re lost and need a little help, we’ve got all the locations rapidly listed below.

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Nelson Theatre Hostages – Where To Find All Collectibles & Backpack Trophy


The second Classified Assignment is located further east of the White House. The ‘Nelson Theater Hostages’ sends you into a large theater filled with enemies. It’s longer than the previous mission, and you’ll need to rescue hostages before leaving. The collectibles / backpack trophy are easier to find here, too.

Collectible #1 + Backpack Trophy: Found in the first combat area. To the left, there’s a lowered gate with an unusable control pad. Follow the two yellow power lines to two generators to restore power — the first generator is on the second floor of the same room, the second generator is in the hallway past the first room.

Collectible #2: In the second hallway (with the generator) look right and interact with the shut elevator. You can pry the door open and find a collectible.

Collectible #3: In the underground of the theater, you’ll reach a hallway leading to a one-way elevator. To the left, there’s a locked door. Shoot the lock off to find a collectible in the room.

Collectible #4: The final collectible is behind the main stage of the theater. Look up for a catwalk — there’s a zip-line on the end of the hanging catwalk. Shoot the zip-line to drop the line, and you can climb up.

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