Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Skins & Gear With The Shrine | Krypt Guide

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The Shrine is one of the early locations you’ll discover in the Krypt — the sprawling third-person exploration mode in Mortal Kombat 11 —  after unlocking the doors to the Forge, you’ll find the Shrine past the Mountain Pass. The Shrine is where you can donate koins to unlock random items. It might seem random, but the amount of koins you donate directly corresponds to the items you’ll unlock.

If you save your koins and want to unlock stuff in the Krypt you can’t normally access, then you’ll need to use the Shrine. The Shrine is a lot more expensive than opening chests, but you can guarantee gear or skin unlocks if you’re willing to drop some big koin amounts.

This is only for completing your Mortal Kombat 11 collection. When you first enter the Krypt, every chest is assigned with a specific kustomization option. That means you’ll be locked out of certain kustomization options if you’re unlucky — for example, some might appear in areas that are exceedingly difficult to unlock, or might spawn in a soul fragment container. The best way to get these missing kustomization options is through the Shrine. Learn how it works below.

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How To Unlock Skins & Gear With The Shrine | Krypt Guide

There are three primary uses for the Shrine in the MK11 Krypt — to get Kronika’s Amulet, to get gear pieces, and to get skins you haven’t yet found in the Krypt. It’s possible to get literally any skin from the Shrine, but you’ll have to spend a lot of koins. I recommend saving up your cash before attempting this method. It gets expensive fast.

  • Shrine Donation Rewards:
    • Any Amount (First Time): Get Kronika’s Amulet, a key item.
    • 75,000 Koins: Get two Gear items for random characters.
    • 100,000 Koins: Get a skin you don’t have for a random character.

When you donate koins to the shrine, normally you’ll get a random item. But, if you donate the exact amount of koins described in the rewards table above, you’ll always get fresh rewards. There are no duplicates in MK11 — but you will get worse items. If you’ve already unlocked skins from 14,000 koin chests, there’s a chance you won’t find new skins when you refresh them. They might just contain worthless konsumables.

Not so with the shrine. You’ll always get a gear piece you don’t have, or a skin you don’t have — until you completely run out of kosmetics. You can get every cosmetic in the game this way. 100,000 koins is a lot, but after enough grinding, you’ll find there are no more skins to unlock in the Krypt. You’ll have to use Kollector, or wait until fresh Towers of Time appear with items you’re looking for. The Shrine might be random, but it always gives you something you’re missing. That’s worth the higher cost once you’re very, very deep in the game.

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