Mortal Kombat 11: Heart Chests Always Contain The Same Loot, Here’s Where To Look For Your Favorite Character | Krypt Guide

Most chests and containers in the Mortal Kombat 11 unlockables zone, called the Krypt, are totally random. As it turns out, players have figured out that the special 250 Heart Chests aren’t actually random at all. The Shao Kahn-shaped heart chests cost 250 hearts to unlock, and each one is associated with one of the playable characters.

If you manage to collect that many hearts, you can deposit them into the heart chest and unlock six unique items for your specific character. There’s no way to know which character you’ll get, but the chest always contain a brutality, an Elder Skin, an augment, and several other character-specific kustomization options.

We all have personal favorite characters in MK11, so if you don’t want to waste hearts (and time) unlocking chests that suck, scroll down to the full list below. This list was compiled by fans in this Reddit thread by u/TheCursedTroll. All accolades go to them and the infinitely powerful MK community that helped compile this list.

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Heart Chests Always Contain The Same Loot, Here’s Where To Look For Your Favorite Character¬†

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In the Krypt, there are unique chests that require hearts to open — the chests have a bust of Shao Kahn (250 hearts) or Scorpion (100 hearts). To open them, you need to smash the bust with Shao Kahn’s hammer, then you’ll be able to spend hearts to open the chest.

  • To earn hearts, you must perform a brutality or fatality on an opponent. You’ll get one heart for each battle you complete this way.

Unlike other containers, heart chests always contain the exact same rewards. They’re price-y, so if you’re looking to unlock items for a specific character you enjoy, check out the list of locations below. Each container will have six items for a specific character. The chest always contains at least 1 Skin, 1 Brutality, and 1 Augment, as well as six other items for one specific playable character.


All Krypt Character Chest Locations

Baraka: Gardens [5538, 5092]

Cassie Cage: Courtyard, Behind Breakable Wall [-3013, -2679]

Cetrion: Hall of Heroes, Behind Puzzle Shrine Door [-857, -9339]

  • Use Kenshi’s Blindfold — there are four lanterns around the shrine. Pull one, and then put on the blindfold to pull the other three chains.

D’vorah: Goro’s Lair, Kytinn Hive [5215, 11861]

Erron Black: Wooden Bridge [-1101, -7009]

Frost: Lower Courtyard [-7569, -5595]

Geras: Goro’s Lair, Jails [-7800, -13958]

Jade: Dead Woods [3492, -1205]

Jaqui Briggs: Dead Woods, Near Puzzle [8051, -4880]

Jax Briggs: Courtyard [-73, 3835]

Johnny Cage: The Dojo [3025, -4071]

Kabal: Over 2,000 Soul Fragment Bridge, Behind Key Door [-8679, -6151]

Kano: Courtyard, Accessible From Goro’s Lair Elevator From Goro’s Dining Hall [-3030, 4688]

Kitana: Lower Pit [-7506, -992]

Kotal Khan: Courtyard Cave, Behind Key Door [6635, -4431]

Kollector: Goro’s Lair, Kollector’s Room [5415, -1499]

Kung Lao: Goro’s Throne Room [-1423, -3487]

Liu Kang: Kytinn Hive, Behind Dragon Key Door [-5421, -1833]

Noob Saibot: Goro’s Lair, Goro’s Dining Hall [-3242, -2234]

Raiden: Goro’s Lair, Fortress Treasure Chamber [13232, 4909]

Scorpion: Goro’s Lair, The Jails, Behind Breakable Wall [-6840, 1195]

Shao Khan: The Torture Halls, Behind Key Door & Breakable Wall [3140, 6466]

Skarlet: Goro’s Lair, Chamber of Suffering [-5150, 4909]

Sonya: The Vault [5029, 1593]

Sub-Zero: Goro’s Lair, Armory [-5363, -5921]