Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Every Area Of The Krypt | Key Items Locations Guide

The Krypt has been greatly expanded in Mortal Kombat 11 — instead of a glorified menu, now you’ll be able to explore Shang Tsung’s island from a third-person perspective. The island is full of puzzles and locked doors, and navigating the area can get pretty tricky. To help you find everything, here’s a quick guide showing how to unlock every area, and where to find the key items you need to progress.

The Krypt is more expansive than ever before, with more actual content to unlock. The Krypt is the place to visit to unlock character art, new fatalities / brutalities, alternate costumes and more. It’s where you’ll spend all those in-game points. It’s a long-standing tradition, and it’s cool to see a deeper version of the Krypt, especially after the MK10 Krypt’s expansion. There’s almost a little story to complete here.

Not every key item can be found in the Krypt. Some of the key items are randomized, and rewarded for completing challenges or unlocking containers. Check the post below for all the major key items you can find in the Krypt itself.

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#1. Shao Kahn’s Hammer

The hammer is located near the start of the Krypt, and will give you access to most of the above-ground areas of the island. You can’t miss it!

#2. Motaro’s Horn

To access the crypts and delve further into the island, you’ll need to acquire Motaro’s Horn. Go to the Warrior Shrine and smash the meteorite (that lands in a cutscene) to collect the Gem of the Living.

Return to the Courtyard and smash through to the gong-room on the east side. There’s a locked door here that requires the Gem of the Living.

Return to the Vault through this door and use the switch. You’ll find Motaro’s Horn here. Use it to unlock the Underground.

#3. Ermac’s Soul Amulet

In Goro’s Dining Room, check the southwest corner for a hall leading to a circular room. Take the lift down to reach the Lower Pit. Down below, Ermac will drop into the spikes — grab his Soul Amulet to unlock the power to control souls.

With the amulet, you can now unlock the glowing-green Krypt objects. You can also reach new areas by spending souls. You can use the Soul Amulet to fix the bridge at the Pit for 1,000 souls.

#4. Spear of Hanzo Hasashi

Locate this item in The Armory, through the hallway behind Goro’s corpse in Goro’s Throne Room. You can throw the chain-like spear at unreachable objects to unlock new paths — for example, use the spear to break the lanterns at the Wooden Bridge.

You can also use the spear to pull hanging corpses. You’ll rip them in half and collect the Heart inside.

#5: Kenshi’s Blindfold

This special blindfold gives you sight into the realm of spirits, making once invisible locations / items visible. To find the blindfold, travel to the Jails through the right-most hallway in Goro’s Throne Room.

Use the blindfold everywhere you’ve been before. You can use the blindfold to reveal new weak walls.

All The Rest

Many of the other items required to progress in the Krypt are earned randomly. These items appear when opening chests / containers in the Krypt, or as rewards for completing Tower of Time challenges. You’ll just have to keep playing and return to the Krypt once you’ve found the matching key items.

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