Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Bug-Vorah, D’Vorah’s Gross Playable Baby | ‘Total Disrespect’ Guide

In the reveal trailer for D’Vorah, a returning character in Mortal Kombat 11, there is one special ability that took the internet by surprise — after being defeated, D’Vorah gave birth to a flying bug minion. This bug pops out of D’Vorah like a gross baby and immediately attacks. It isn’t just an attack either, this is a fully playable ‘secondary’ character. It has a few of its own moves, and it is completely disgusting.

So, the big question is, how do you actually play as Bug-Vorah? We’re going to answer that in the full guide below. It’s fairly straight-forward, but involves the custom loadout menu that’s totally new to the Mortal Kombat series. If you’ve played Injustice 2, you might already know how all of this works.

Even better, you can earn an achievement / trophy for using Bug’Vorah. If you defeat an opponent with Bug’Vorah, you’ll get ‘Total Disrespect’. We’ll offer a few quick tips for unlocking that one too.

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How To Unlock Bug-Vorah, D’Vorah’s Gross Playable Baby | ‘Total Disrespect’ Guide

Bug-Vorah is a special playable ‘bonus’ character that only appears after D’Vorah has been defeated — and only if you have the right special ability equipped. By default, D’Vorah does not have the Bug’Vorah ability equipped.

Here’s how it work: equip the Bug-Vorah ability, and then D’vorah will automatically activate Bug’Vorah when she’s defeated. Bug’Vorah is a flying gross bug-thing that D’Vorah gives birth to. It’s playable, so you’ll get to control and attack with it.

  • Select D’vorah from the Kustomize menu.
  • Create a Custom Variation -> Abilities Tab

From the Abilities tab, remove the current default ability and select “Mother Bug” at the bottom of the list. Equip this ability, and you’ll be able to play as Bug’Vorah at the end of any battle when you select this custom variant.

Bug’Vorah will appear when D’Vorah’s health is completely depleted on the last round of the match. You’ll only have a small sliver of health, so use it wisely!

Getting The ‘Total Disrespect’ Achievement / Trophy

Bug’Vorah isn’t the best ‘character’ — it’s barely a character, but you can win a match with it. To make your life much, much easier, you can try changing these settings to earn the achievement / trophy very quickly.

  • Play on ‘Very Easy’ Difficulty in Fight -> Local vs. AI
  • Go to Settings and change to 1 Round matches.

On Very Easy, you’ll be able to dominate your opponent. Just beat them up until they only have a small sliver of health left, then let them defeat your D’Vorah (with Bug Mother equipped) — now you only have to get in a hit or two to win the match.