Mortal Kombat 11: How To Input All Secondary Fatalities | Hidden Fatality List

Every character in Mortal Kombat 11 has two fatalities — the first fatality is unlocked for everyone, but the second fatality is hidden.

To get these secondary fatalities, normally, you’ll have to complete Tower challenges and unlock containers in the Krypt until you earn a randomized fatality. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all that grinding if you actually memorize the inputs.

Yes, you can perform all bonus, hidden, secondary fatalities right from the start if you know how to do them. Performing a fatality won’t add it to your movelist. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a list showcasing all the secondary fatalities in MK11. Scroll down to find the complete list.

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How To Input All Secondary Fatalities | Hidden Fatality List

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more fatalities as they’re discovered, video and more updates!]

There are 25 characters in MK11, and each one has a bonus hidden Fatality. These extra Fatalities are available at any time — you’ll find the inputs when opening containers in the Krypt, but if you know the code, you can still do these extra fatalities.

Below, you’ll find the full list of extra fatalities. Each character is listed in alphabetical order; scroll down, or press [Ctrl+F] and search for your favorite character to jump straight to them.

  • Button Notation:
    • 1= Square/X
    • 2= Triangle/Y
    • 3= X/A
    • 4= Circle/B
  • Direction Notation:
    • F= Forward
    • B= Back
    • D= Down
    • U= Up

Baraka: (Close) B,F,B+3

Cassie Cage: (Far) B, D, D, B+2

Cetrion: (Mid) B, D, B+3

D’vorah: (Mid) B, D, D +4

Erron Black: (Mid) D, F, D+2

Frost: (Mid) B, F, D, F+4

Geras: (Close) D, F, B+1

Jacqui Briggs: (Mid) B, F, B+4

Jade: (Close) B, F, D, F+1

Jax Briggs: (Close) B, F, B, D+1

Johnny Cage: (Close) F, D, F+1

Kabal: (Close) D, D, D+4

Kano: (Close) B, D, F+2

Kitana: (Mid) D, B, F+1

Kollector: (Close) D, F, B+1

Kotal Kahn: (Close) B, F, B, F+1

Kung Lao: (Close) D, F, D+3

Liu Kang: (Mid) B, D, B, F+2

Noob Saibot: (Close) D, D, D+1

Raiden: (Close) D, F, B+3

Scorpion: (Far) D, F, B+2

Shao Kahn: (Close) B, F, B+1

Skarlet: (Mid) D, D, F+4

Sonya Blade: (Close) B, F, D+3

Sub-Zero: (Mid) F, D, F+4

That’s all the secondary, locked fatalities. Using them will not add the fatalities to your move list, but you can still use them as long as they’re memorized. Enjoy!