Mortal Kombat 11: Struggling With The Grind? Use AI Fighters To Easily Beat Towers | Heart Farming Tips

Mortal Kombat 11 is grindy. There are three different types of currency you’ll need to acquire to open up chests — kombat koins, soul fragments, and hearts. You’ll get handfuls of rewards for completing everything in the game, from beating towers to claiming victory in online battles. But, it’s still a grind.

If you’re struggling to complete tricky Tower of Time challenges, or just want to relax while the game collects all sorts of currencies for you, then I recommend using AI Fighters. AI Fighters are a returning feature from Injustice 2, and they’re incredibly useful. You can send AI Fighters to compete in any offline Tower of Time challenge, letting the strong AI beat down almost any opponent.

Even bosses can be defeated with this method. If you’re looking to grind currencies, facing a tough challenge you want to finish, or don’t want to play as a specific required character, you’ll want to use the AI Fighter feature. It’s also a great way to earn all the Fatality achievements / trophies — AI Fighters will always do a fatality or a brutality. Sometimes, they’ll even perform finishers you haven’t even unlocked yet.

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Struggling With The Grind? Use AI Fighters To Easily Beat Towers | Farming Tips

AI Fighters are available as substitutes for almost every Tower of Time challenge. To use them, simply toggle on “AI Fighter” with Square / X after choosing a character, but before entering a battle. Using an AI Fighter will earn you the exact same rewards as a standard fighter.

  • AI Fighters – Strongest Attributes
    • For most battles: Put the most points in COMBO and REVERSAL.

To change AI Fighter settings, go to KUSTOMIZE and select a character. From there, select any KUSTOM LOADOUT and then tab over to the AI Fighter tab. Every single loadout can be customizing with AI Fighter settings — you don’t need to create a new loadout.

The best stats for almost every battle are COMBO and REVERSAL. Revert all points to those two stats. Selecting an AI Fighter lets you farm / grind with almost no input. All you need to do is press continue between fights.

  • The Best AI Fighters:
    • Noob Saibot vs. Anyone
    • Skarlet vs. Fast Rushdown Characters, Powerful Zoning

Some bosses and hard battles can’t be completed with just Combo / Reversal. If your AI Fighter is losing, try switching tactics.

Select a “zoner”, or a long-range character that’s good at using projectiles and other abilities. Skarlet is a powerful zoner — equip projectile skills to her loadout, and boost Zoning / Runaway to 30. She might be able to defeat bosses you thought were impossible.

How To Grind Hearts

Hearts are one of the rarest currencies in the game. To get hearts, you need to kill opponents with a Fatality / Brutality. You only get one per fight, so it can take awhile to get 250 — which is required to open a Shao Kahn chest.

To easily grind hearts, enter the Klassic Endless Tower and use an AI Fighter. They’ll continuously fight, using finishers, and climb the ladder until they day. You’ll claim the rewards.