Mortal Kombat 11: The Komplete Krypt Guide | How To Solve Every Puzzle & Unlock Every Area

The Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11 is more complicated than ever before, and if you want to unlock its many, many secrets, you’ll probably need a little help. The Krypt is an option in the Konquest menu, dropping your nameless third-person hero into Shang Tsung’s Island. You’re free to explore and spend in-game currency to unlock tons of kosmetics, konsumables, and more stuff that starts with a ‘K’. There’s even a few items that aren’t influenced by the ‘K’-ness of Mortal Kombat.

The Krypt is the primary place where you’ll find Brutalities, Fatalities, Intros, Victories, skins, costumes, and really everything that’s awesome and unlockable in the game. There are three types of chests, and each one requires a different currencies — standard koin chests, soul fragment containers, and heart chests. Most chests are random, but a small amount always give you the same item, every single time.

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The Komplete Krypt Guide | How To Solve Every Puzzle & Unlock Every Area

Before breaking down all the puzzles in the Krypt, let’s go over some common questions — to get the most basic key items, here’s what you need to know.

How To Smash Weak Walls

Collect Shao Kahn’s hammer, straight ahead in the Palace Entrance. The hammer is a key item — press [X / Square] to smash weak walls and other objects. You’ll need the hammer to access multiple areas, and solve puzzles.

How To Access Goro’s Lair

To access Goro’s Lair and open the doors to the underground area of the Krypt in the Warrior Shrine, you’ll need Motaro’s Horn. To reach the Warrior Shrine, smash the weak walls to the left of the Courtyard from the Palace Entrance — then attack the gong to open the gates.

Past the Forge and Shrine, you’ll find the Warrior Shrine. A cutscene will play with a meteorite. Smash the meteor and collect the Gem of the Living. Return to the Gong Room and unlock the left door. This leads into the Gardens, and then the Vault. In the Vault, you’ll find Motaro’s Horn.

Use the Horn on the door in the Warrior Shrine to open the underground area.

How To Pull Down Corpses / Skulls / Switches

You’ll find Scorpion’s Spear in The Armory. Once you access Goro’s Lair, go straight ahead to Goro’s Throne Room and enter the passage behind him. Collect this chain, and you’ll be able to pull down hanging corpses to gain a Heart — you can also strike skull icons to unlock Heart Chests.

You’ll also need this item to solve future puzzles, so keep it handy.

How To Use Green Aura Containers

Enter Goro’s Dining Hall and find the elevator in the back-right door. Ride up to enter the Lower Pit — you’ll see Ermac’s Corpse fall from the sky. Collect the special Ermac’s Amulet from the body, and you’ll be able to interact with any green aura.

By spending Soul Fragments, you can remove debris from passages, unlock soul containers, and create a bridge for 2,000 soul fragments near the Forge.

How To See Invisible Chests & Find Hidden Weak Walls

The last major key item for the Krypt is Kenshi’s Blindfold. Activating it will allow you to see invisible chests, cracks, and allow you to solve specific puzzles. To find it, go to the Jails, following the path to the right in Goro’s Throne Room. Enter the area down the hallway called Kenshi’s Last Stand to gain the Blindfold, then use it to find a weak wall and escape.

There are weak walls everywhere, and now you’ll be able to explore most of the Krypt.

Unlocking Advanced Areas

There’s more to the Krypt. Let’s go over all the additional areas you can unlock. Before continuing on, here are a few special doors — and how to unlock them. 

How To Solve The Courtyards Puzzles

Located down the path from the Warrior Shrine, there are two strange puzzles you can solve — one is a chest locked in a chamber. The other is a weird sacrificial fire with two locked gates.

To open the shrine gate, pull the chain on the pillar, then use the Blindfold to see the other three chains.

To solve the strange shrine, you need to open an expensive chest located behind the One Being door. Find the solution for the One Being door puzzle below.

How To Reach The Exterior Courtyard Area

There’s one area of the above-ground Shang Tsung island that you can only access from Goro’s Lair. Go to the Jails from Goro’s Dining Hall and smash through the hidden cracked wall. It leads to an elevator that takes you up to a shrine with more treasure chests.

How To Reach The Dead Woods

The Dead Woods are through a cracked wall in the Palace Entrance. Smash through the gate — inside the Dead Woods, you’ll find a puzzle, and two unique Soul Containers.

The 10,000 soul container has an important Skeleton Soul forge item, used for solving the Elder Gods puzzle. The 3,000 soul container reveals a 250,000 koin chest with a special Kollector-based Tower Key.

How To Reach The Dojo

The Dojo is a blocked area — you’ll see the gate between the Courtyard and the Warrior Shrine. To the right of the door leading to Goro’s Lair in the Warrior Shrine, use Kenshi’s Blindfold to spot a secret crack wall. Smash it and unlock the shortcut to gain access.

How To Unlock Locked Gates

There are locked gates everywhere on the map. Most of them are optional, but some of them lead to important locations. These doors require Skeleton Keys — Skeleton Keys are items you’ll get from opening chests, and they’re totally random.

Save your Skeleton Keys. Open the door in the northwest corner of Goro’s Dining Hall. This unlocks the Torture Halls.

How To Unlock the Kytinn Hive

Unlock the Skeleton Key door in Goro’s Dining Hall, the one in the back-left corner. Past the traps, go right at the fork to enter the Kytinn Hive area.

How To Unlock Goro’s Fortress

To enter Goro’s Fortress, you’ll need a Skeleton Key, and an Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector. Skeleton Keys are random — the Amulet can be earned by completing the Tower of Time tutorial.

Use the Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector on the destroyed statue of Raiden to restore it. You’ll gain Raiden’s Broken Staff. Take it to the Torture Halls, through the same Skeleton Key gate that leads to the Kytinn Hive.

Instead of going right to the Kytinn Hive, go left in the Torture Halls. The passage leads to a locked door — use the Broken Staff to unlock the way to Goro’s Fortress, and Goro’s Treasure Room in the far back.

How To Unlock The Mountain Pass Door

To unlock the Mountain Pass Door, you’ll need to acquire the Dragon Amulet. This special Amulet is found in Goro’s Fortress — on the catwalks, take the first left. There’s a special chest that costs 20,000 koins. Open it to get the Dragon Amulet.

This amulet will unlock the door in the Mountain Pass, near the Forge.

How To Unlock The Goro’s Great Hall Door

There’s another mysterious door in Goro’s Great Hall, the first room of Goro’s Lair. It’s located directly to the right as you enter. To get inside, you’ll need three special items. Here’s how to get all three.

  • Mind of the One Being: Get 10 Fatalities in the Tower
  • Soul of the One Being: Get 10 Brutalities in the Tower
  • Heart of the One Being: Get 10 Mercy Finishers in the Tower

Perform a Mercy by hold [L2] and pressing down four times while at [Far] range.

How To Solve The Dragon Amulet Puzzle

The Dragon Amulet Puzzle is located at the bottom of the cavern, after unlocking the Dragon Amulet door. Down below, there are three slots for items — placing three hard-to-find amulets will unlock the gate to a hard-to-reach area.

  • Shinnok’s Amulet: Must be crafted in the Forge. Combine the Skeleton Soul, the Dragon Eye, and the Demon’s Heart.
    • Dragon Eye: Kytnn Hive – Kill spider enemies in the cave until you recieve this item.
    • Demon’s Heart: Pull down hanging corpses on the island. Randomly, you’ll get this heart item.
    • Skeleton Soul: Dead Woods – Unlock the 10,000 Soul Fragment container.
  • Cetrion’s Amulet: Defeat Cetrion 50 times with Fatalities in the Towers to collect her head. Place the head in the Warrior Shrine to get this amulet.
  • Kronika’s Amulet: Donate any amount of money to the gold shrine outside the Warrior Shrine.

Use the switches to reveal all three slots, and place the slots to solve the puzzle, opening the gate to the small balcony full of chests.

How To Unlock Shang Tsung’s Throne Room

One of the final locations is Shang Tsung’s Throne Room, located behind the Palace Entrance hall. To unlock the area, you need to place 10 heads in the Warrior Shrine — you’ll earn a head for every character you get 50 Fatalities on, in the Tower.

The Throne Room is packed with valuable chests that will give you Intros and Victories.

How To Unlock The Final Room In Shang Tsung’s Throne Room

The last door is located in Shang Tsung’s Throne Room. To unlock it, you need to place all 25 heads in the Warrior Shrine. That’s a whole lot of fatalities.

That’s how to enter every are of Shang Tsung’s island. If there’s anything else we can find, we’ll add it to the complete guide here!

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