E3 Coliseum Event Announced Featuring Infinity Ward Call of Duty Panel

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E3 is a big yearly gaming event where gamers gather around to see just what is coming down the pipeline from some of the biggest video game development studios around the world. Not only do we get big hardware reveals but also video game titles. However, this year alone has seen some companies making their exit from the E3 show such as Sony and EA. With that said, perhaps this could leave some room for other events to take place like the newly announced E3 Coliseum.

Announced through the E3 Twitter account, E3 Coliseum will be an event that showcases Infinity Ward this year. Apparently, we will have a panel where the development team will be at in order to discuss the upcoming installment to Call of Duty. For years now we have received an annual Call of Duty title and this year is no different. That’s, unfortunately, all that we really know. Infinity Ward will be releasing the Call of Duty video game in 2019 but we don’t know the setting or name yet.

It’s apparent that Call of Duty will be revealed soon as we are getting a panel during E3 about it but we don’t know just when that reveal will be. Perhaps we could get a reveal before E3 or prior to the panel itself. At any rate, you may want to keep an eye out for a surprise teaser or full trailer reveal with more details about the game being saved for this panel.

Source: Twitter