Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Beat Tofu Survivor & Earn New Characters | Extra Mode Guide

If you somehow manage to complete “The Fourth Survivor”, the first unlockable extra mode in Resident Evil 2, then you’ll earn “Tofu Survivor” — a completely ridiculous joke mode that puts you in the blocky shoes of Tofu, a walking block of tofu. This giant chunk of processed food can take more damage than any other character in the game. There’s just one problem — you’ll have to complete the mode with a handful of knives only. That’s right, no guns at all.

This is by far the most difficult, ridiculous mode in the game. It’s actually mode difficult than the mode found in the original version — you’ll need plenty of zombie-dodging skills to survive for long. Even if you manage to finish the mode with Tofu, there’s a surprise waiting after the end screen. There are multiple Tofu characters you can unlock, each one with a different loadout.

If you’re a true masochist, here’s all the info you need to unlock these extra characters. I’ll also provide some tips to help complete Tofu, but it’s so challenging, it mostly requires a heap of replays.

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How To Beat Tofu Survivor & Earn New Characters | Extra Mode Guide

Tofu mode is identical to “The Fourth Survivor”, except that you inventory will be different depending on which “Tofu” you select. At the start, you’ll only have one Tofu, but there are more.

Tofu mode tests your zombie-escaping skills. You may have a load of knives, but that isn’t enough to complete the mode alone. You can’t use the knives to stop every zombie in your path. You’ll need to use some serious skills — kiting, dodging, and knifing. The knife is much more powerful than most players give it credit for.

Before getting into the optional unlockable Tofu characters, here are all the tips I’ve picked up while attempting to complete this mode.

  • Avoiding enemies is key! Zombies are faster than they look. You can kite zombies by standing still — lead them then sprint around them. They’re slow to turn. Only very effective in open areas.
  • You can always dodge the G-Parasites. If they dive, sprint away until they resurface. Slowly lead them until there’s enough room to sprint past without getting too close.
  • You’ll need to kill almost every Licker. When a Licker appears, don’t waste a knife defending — instead, aim low and stab them. You can kill them in about 6-8 stabs, and reclaim a knife if you were attacked.
  • Tofu is MUCH tougher than any other character. He can take a lot of beating and keep moving fast.
  • Save your knives for areas where you absolutely can’t avoid damage. Tank the hit, use the defensive knife, and move on.

Extra Unlockable Characters – New Flavors Of Tofu!

  • Tofu (16 Knives & Herbs)
    • Unlocked: Complete 4th Survivor.
  • Konjac (Flame Thrower & Flame Grenades)
    • Unlocked: Complete Tofu Survivor.
  • Uiro-Mochi (36 Hand Grenades)
    • Unlocked: Complete Tofu Survivor.
  • Flan (Minigun, Rocket Launcher & Sparkshot)
    • Unlocked: Complete Tofu Survivor with Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.
  • Annin Tofu (Quickdraw SAA & M19)
    • Unlocked: Complete Tofu Survivor with Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.

And that’s everything there is to know about the most ridiculous mode in RE history.