Destiny 2: Black Armory – How To Get Every Mysterious Box Key | Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Quest Guide

The Mysterious Box has finally been solved in Destiny 2’s Black Armory add-on. To even begin this quest, you’ll need to acquire the Mysterious Box — opening it is a whole other matter. Unlocking it requires several keys, and these keys (basically) require completing each of the four unlocked forge events. It isn’t over after you finish those forges, either. You’ll also need to construct the Izanagi’s Burden itself. This is a really, really long quest; and to help you unlock this thing, I’m going to explain how to complete each step. It’ll take you through all the content in The Black Armory DLC, and reward you with a pretty valuable Exotic.

The Bergusia Forge, the final of the four forge activities included in Destiny 2: Black Armory, has finally arrived after a hilarious episode involving a difficult puzzle. Instead of simply releasing the Bergusia Forge, Bungie advertised a secret puzzle that, when solved, would make the final forge available for everyone. It didn’t work out that way, the puzzle didn’t get solved, and Bungie has released the final Forge with little fanfare. It kind of throws a wet blanket on the triumphant end of the Black Armory release schedule, but this cool railgun / sniper rifle should make up for any perceived mistakes on Bungie’s part. Right?

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How To Get Every Mysterious Box Key | Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Quest Guide

Step #1: Get The Mysterious Box

To begin this quest, you’ll first need to locate the Mysterious Box first. You’ll be able to grab it in the EDZ, near the Volundr Forge. Here’s quick rundown.

  • Mysterious Box Location: Go to the Volundr Forge in the EDZ and reach the gap that leads to the center of the cavern. Look left for a path leading to a small cave with a Black Armory crate. Loot it to get the Mysterious Box and begin the Exotic Quest.

Once you collect the box, you’ll be able to start the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Quest. To complete this quest, you’ll need to locate four keys (Butterfly, Fishhook, Hand, and Armory) which will allow you to open the Mysterious Box and get the Exotic Izanagi’s Burden part.

Step #2: Get The Fishhook, Butterfly, Hand, and Armory Keys

Each key requires a lengthy quest step to collect. Three out of the four keys are straightforward — you just need to complete three of the four forges in a special way. For the first three keys, you need to complete the forge with the Maximum Temper buff activated.

  • How To Activate The Maximum Temper Buff: While in a Forge activity, find and destroy two Black Armory Drones when they spawn in Wave 2. Complete the Forge with this buff active to gain an extra loot chest containing the keys listed below.

The first three keys are all unlocked the same way. Travel to a forge and complete the forge with the Maximum Temper Buff activate. That’s how you’ll acquire the Fishhook, Butterfly, and Hand keys.

  • Fishhook Key: Volundr Forge, EDZ – Complete the forge with the Maximum Temper buff active.
  • Butterfly Key: Izanami Forge, Nessus – Complete the forge with the Maximum Temper buff active.
  • Hand Key: Gofannon Forge, Io – Complete the forge with the Maximum Temper buff active.

The Black Armory Key, the last key, is a whole lot harder to get.

  • How To Get The Black Armory Key: Travel to the Tower and talk to Ada-1 to get the Black Armory Key Mold.
    • To complete the mold, you’ll need to farm two substances — Watcher Lenses, and Glimmering Amethyst.
    • Watcher Lenses drop from Watchers in the Leviathan Raid. You don’t need to kill them all — you just need to kill 24 Watchers to get their lenses and complete this step. You can leave the raid and come back, do it solo, or work with a team.
    • Glimmering Amethyst drops from World Chests, and is rewarded for completing Heroic Public Events. Just grind these until you earn enough.

When that step is done, you can finally collect the Black Armory Key. Just like the previous keys, all you need to do is finish the Bergusia Forge with the Maximum Temper buff.

  • Black Armory Key: Bergusia Forge – Complete the forge with the Maximum Temper buff active.

Open the Mysterious Box with your quartet of keys, and you’ll receive the Mysterious Datapad and Mysterious Decryption Device. It all leads to more quest steps.

patch notes

Step #3: The Mysterious Decryption Device

Go to Ada-1 on the Tower and talk to get the Unidentified Frame. To forge the Unidentified Frame, you’ll need two items — an Obsidian Crystal and an Ascendant Glass Shard.

  • How To Get An Obsidian Crystal: Complete a Rare Black Armory Bounty.
    • Rare Black Armory Bounties are randomly given after completing daily Black Armory Bounties from Ada-1. Check daily and complete as many as you can. You’ll eventually get a Rare Black Armory Bounty.
  • How To Get An Ascendant Glass Shard: Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.
    • The Shattered Throne is an epic dungeon that only becomes available every three weeks during the Dreaming City’s cycles. Enter the portals at three corners of the city and enter the massive black portal in the hub.

We’re almost done. Next, you’ll need to complete a special version of the Pyramidion Strike — it’s 650 PL, and has the Extinguish modifier, so you’ll have to restart the whole thing if you die.

When that’s complete, you’ll get one final mission. Complete “Lock and Key” in EDZ to get another unique item. Take it to Ada-1 in the Tower, and you’ll finally get the Izanagi’s Burden. Phew.

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