Red Dead Online: The Best Ways To Earn Gold Bars | Premium Currency Guide

Rockstar has been doing some adjustments to the economy in Red Dead Online. Not only are the lowering prices and giving you bigger rewards, they’re also dropping a gift into your current character’s lap — a free $250 in in-game dollars, and 15 Gold Bars. Out of the two freebies, the Gold Bars are easily the most valuable, and for good reason. While you can’t yet purchase Gold Bars, they’re the premium currency of Red Dead Online, and using them allows you to purchase weapons way before you’ve ranked up and unlocked the privilege.

Essentially, Gold Bars are really valuable, and you can (very) slowly earn them in-game by completing tasks. They’re a rare reward that you’ll always find in a lockbox treasure chest. And Treasure Maps are the best way to farm Gold Bars. If you’re willing to push yourself further in the name of “free” money, you can also follow a few of the steps below. Instead of hunting down Treasure Chests, you can farm for consistent drops by deleting and remaking your Red Dead Online character. Yes, you can farm Gold Bars. Here’s how it works.

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The Best Ways To Earn Gold Bars | Premium Currency Guide

Gold Bars are the premium currency in RDO. You can spend Gold Bars instead of in-game cash to unlock guns, clothing, and other items before you unlock it. Gold Bars (and Cash) are carried over between all of your accounts. That’s why we’re able to farm it.

There are two ways you can earn Gold Bars without spending real-life money. (Currently, it’s impossible to purchase Gold Bars. We don’t know how much they’ll cost, but we do know they are premium currency.)

  1. As you progress, you’ll unlock free Rank rewards. A Treasure Map is mailed to you at the end of the first tutorial, and at Rank 10. Completing these treasure maps will earn you 1~ Gold Bar.
  2. Clear Bandit Hideouts and search the bodies. The gang leader (or one of his men) will almost always have a treasure map.

Once you receive a treasure map, either from a body or from a mail package, open it to get a general location for the lockbox. Use your Hunter Vision [L3+R3] to scan the area for yellow dots. Track those floating particles and you’ll find the lockbox. Every lockbox spawns in a random location.

  • How To Farm Gold Bars:
    1. The easiest way to farm Gold Bars is to simply repeat the tutorial. It takes some time, but you’re guaranteed to get about .5 Gold Bars at the end of each session.
      • Gold Bars are saved globally. Your Gold Bars and In-Game Cash will remain the same always, even if you delete your character.
    2. After earning your Gold Bar fragment, delete your character. Remake the character and hop into the tutorial. Complete it again. You’ll get another Treasure Map, with another Gold Bar fragment.
    3. Or, have a friend and farm to Rank 10. It doesn’t take too long, and reaching rank 10 (and completing both Treasure Map rewards) will guarantee one Gold Bar.

If you don’t want to delete your progress, you can always hunt Gang Hideouts. Check the guide above for all Gang Hideout Locations. You can also enter a Solo Lobby by talking to Old Joe the Stranger near Emerald Ranch — when you’re in a Solo Lobby, you can safely travel to each Gang Hideout, clear the area out, and collect your Treasure Map rewards.

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