Red Dead Online: How To Fish In The Safety Of Your Camp | Safe Fishing Guide

Killers are around every corner in Red Dead Online — and standing still can be a death sentence. That makes fishing one of the most dangerous activities you can try. Stick around too long, and someone on the server is bound to notice that tiny pink dot. There’s only one safe place you can hide and avoid PVP, and that’s your camp. Unfortunately, you can’t plunk down your camp anywhere you want. It’s random, but there are ways to take control of the RNG.

This incredible method for fishing safely comes fromĀ u/LastShigure on Reddit. You can fish and farm for Health Core XP, earning cash along the way and hitting milestones, all while you’re sitting safely in your camp with the white flag raised. Griefers can’t touch you in there, but actually moving your camp to the shore is a tricky task. We’re going to explain exactly how it’s down in the full guide below. It’s completely insane that anyone figured this out, so please show u/LastShigure some love.

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How To Fish In The Safety Of Your Camp | Safe Fishing Guide

[NOTE: This method sounds crazy, but it works. We’ve tested it ourselves. Just follow the instructions exactly, and you’ll be able to do it.]


To fish from the safety of your camp, you’ll first need a fishing rod. Fishing rods are available at Rank 14, and cost about $32.50~. You can purchase them from your brochure. Just hold [D-Pad: Left] to open the brochure and order it. It will instantly appear in your inventory.

Now that you can fish, you’ll need to move your camp to the right spot. This is the tricky part. To do it, we’ll need to take advantage of your position — the camp will spawn in different places, depending on where your character is standing on the world map.

  • How To Spawn A Camp By The Shore:
    1. Press [D-Pad: Left] and select Camp. Select Small Camp. From here, you can move camps to different regions for $2.00.
    2. Go to the map location shown in the first gallery image above. This is a shore in Lemoyne.
    3. Stand on the rock at this location, then open your Camp menu. Move the Small Camp to the Heartlands region.
    4. If you’re standing on the right spot, the camp will spawn on the southern shore of the Heartlands.

You can now travel to the camp and fish from the shoreline without being killed. This is a good spot to fish for Steelhead Trout, which sell for $4.25 each. It’s just a quick trip to Rhodes to sell your goods at the butcher.

From Rhodes, you can even fast-travel directly back to your camp for $15.00. If you need more Worm Bait, simply order it from your brochure and the goods will appear in your camp, inside the lockbox. You can collect them and return to fishing. You can also purchase a Lake Lure to fish indefinitely, but this lure isn’t unlocked until Rank 30. That’s steep.

This is an incredible find. It’s already a meme that players trying to hunt or fish are basically dead meat. Now you can fish all day and night, and never fear getting shot in the back.

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