Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Unlock The Spooky Night Folk Stranger Mission | Chance Encounters Guide

The Night Folk are a rare, spooky group of backwoods killers you might never encounter in your playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2. These dirty in-bred monsters only appear at night in Bayou Nwa, north of Saint Denis, and they haunt the swamps. If you’re not careful at night, these creatures can kill you in an instant. They don’t play fair, so be prepared to use Dead Eye, or this might be your final night in the bayou.

And there’s a unique stranger mission you can unlock that involves these creeps. There are only two unlockable strange missions in RDR2 — the serial killer, and the Night Folk. Instead of finding three hard-to-find clues, this one involves encountering creepy jumpscares in the swamps at night. If you’ve got the stomach for scary stuff, and want to take on the Night Folk head-on, here’s what you need to do.

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How To Unlock The Spooky Night Folk Stranger Mission | Chance Encounters Guide


To unlock the unique “A Fine Night For It” stranger mission, you’ll first need to experience at least one Nightfolk chance encounter in the Lagras / Lakay swamps area. Go to the Bayou Nwa, and explore the paths outside the main swamp / lake at night between 10PM and 5AM.

You’ll need to experience one of the following encounters:

  • ‘Torch Procession’: Watch for lit torches in the distance.
  • ‘Voices’: You’ll hear a strange voice. Follow it, and you’ll be ambushed by crocodiles.
  • ‘Spooked Horse’: Your horse will be spooked by something unseen in the swamp and kick you off.
  • ‘Stalking Shadows’: You’ll hear a woman wailing for help in the swamp. Approach her and interact, and she’ll lunge at you with a knife. More Night Folk will ambush you.

Complete any of these random encounters, then rest and a Stranger Mission will appear in the swamp.

Approach the old man at his camp, and he’ll slowly lead you to his home. On the way, you’ll find strung-up corpses in disgusting positions. The house is occupied by Night Folk — watch out for enemies wielding melee weapons. They can kill you in a single attack. After clearing the homestead, more Night Folk will attack from the front porch. Wipe them out to complete the quest.