Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Play ‘The Shattered Throne’, A Secret Mission With Powerful Engrams | Secrets Guide

Everything has changed in The Dreaming City since ‘The Last Wish’ raid was completed in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The Dreaming City is the mysterious end-game area that changes in cycles, and now that the major new raid is complete, Guardians have discovered an awesome hidden mission designed for only the most powerful players. If you’ve been grinding your Guardian and want even more power, ‘The Shattered Throne’ is an amazing mission that’s full of powerful engrams.

The new mission is totally hidden. You won’t find it on any map, but it does have unique voice-acting and incredible vistas — the level itself is mind-blowing, as you and your team can fight all the past Taken bosses. You’ll need to gear up to at least Power Level 520 to damage the enemies within. Even if you can’t complete this thing, it’s worth checking out. Below, I’ll describe how to reach ‘The Shattered Throne’ — you better move fast, The Dreaming City is always changing.

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How To Play ‘The Shattered Throne’, A Secret Mission With Powerful Engrams | Secrets Guide


The Shattered Throne is a PL 570+ recommended mission you can access in The Dreaming City. That means you can only damage the enemies if you’ve hit (at the very lowest) PL 520. That makes this one of the most difficult missions currently in the game.

Reportedly, enemies here have a high chance to drop powerful engrams. Powerful engrams are special engrams that always contain gear with a higher PL than your own, meaning you’re guaranteed to make upward progress, even if it’s only a fraction of a percentage point.

To access this mission, called ‘The Shattered Throne’, you’ll need to enter The Confluence through one of three Taken portals. The easiest portal to find is located in The Gardens of Esila, an optional area you can enter in The Strand, through the doors on the southern end of the map.

In the Gardens of Esila, travel to the gazebo in the last large arena that leads to the bridge with the tree at the end. There’s a Taken portal inside that will take you to an interior zone called The Confluence, which connects all three extended optional zones of The Dreaming City together.

In the Confluence, enter “The Well” — a room connected to the center of the Confluence that doesn’t lead to either of the three other zones. It’s a huge room with a giant portal in the far back. An NPC can now be approached standing next to the massive portal. Talk to them, and you’ll unlock ‘The Shattered Throne’ quest. Simply step through the portal to enter the Dark Zone.

The quest reportedly is full of high level Taken and bosses, but it can be completed solo if you’ve got the right amount of gear. It’s also a treasure trove of powerful engrams, so give it a spin. The location itself looks amazing.

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