Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Make Wishes In The ‘Last Wish’ Raid | Secrets Guide

The Last Wish raid is the toughest challenge in Destiny 2: Forsaken — and it is packed with secrets, including an incredibly creative little Easter egg that lets Guardians make “wishes”. By finding a hidden chamber, you can input codes that give you a selection of different “wishes” — depending on the code, you can warp around the raid lair, listen to silly Easter egg songs, or generate party-popping Easter egg effects when you kill enemies.

There are lots of crazy wishes, and we’re still trying to figure them all out. The incredible fans over at r/RaidSecrets discovered this room and the secrets therein. User banjoses compiled many of these wish Easter eggs, and User Blu3MisT found the room itself. They deserve all the accolades for these crazy discoveries. In many ways, this weird Easter egg is pretty similar (and even references) secrets from the old days of Bungie, when they were still developing the Halo series.

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How To Make Wishes In The ‘Last Wish’ Raid | Secrets Guide


Anyone can access the secret wish room in ‘The Last Wish’ raid. It’s located before the first encounter, and before you’ll fight any enemies. You can check out the room solo if you’re curious.

  • To find the room early in the raid, before fighting any enemies, look for grass-covered platforms with glowing blue plants. Jump up the long path to reach the “Wall of Wishes” at the very top.
  • Right before entering the first boss arena through the cavern door, look left for an open cavern with water below. Jump around the corner to the right to find the first grassy, blue-lit landing.

The “Wall of Wishes” is covered in dials. You can shoot the dials to match lay-outs found on clues sprinkled across the Destiny 2 universe. Input the “Code” in the dials by matching the position of the pattern, and you’ll unlock a “Wish” — different effects that will occur in ‘The Last Wish Raid’. To input a code, step on the big pressure pad in the center.

Below is a quick list of all the wishes and effects the community has found so far. Clear images in the links below are by User stoerse015.

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