Far Cry 5: How To Unlock The Omega Armor | Blood Dragon Easter Egg Quest

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Remember the Far Cry 3 expansion, Blood Dragon? Ubisoft wants you to remember it’s first wildly wacky enhancement to the Far Cry formula. In that ’80ies inspired adventure, you played a gravely-voiced cyborg, blasting colorful henchmen in neon, black-light environments filled with laser-guns and titular ‘Blood Dragons’ — wild, beam-spewing dinosaurs that have more in common with a T-Rex than your standard dragon.

It was a pretty fondly-remembered experience, and Far Cry 5 wants to recapture a tiny fraction of that magic with an easily-missed Easter egg quest, sending you into a mine where a Blood Dragon movie is being filmed. Talk to the NPCs, soak in the crazy Blood Dragon environments, and unlock a totally radical Blood Dragon costume you can equip. The Omega Armor is clearly the best outfit in the game, and you can only earn it through this optional side-mission.

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How To Unlock The Omega Armor | Blood Dragon Easter Egg Quest

To begin the Blood Dragon quest and unlock the awesome Omega Armor, you’ll need to locate the Grimalkin Radon Mine in the Henbane River region.

  • How to Find the Grimalkin Radon Mine: Follow the road east from Hope County Jail, then turn onto the dirt road leading up the mountain. There’s a mine entrance with a neon “Omega” symbol outside.

You can also ask NPCs at the Hope County Jail, or talk to survivors with “!” notes over their heads. They’ll often talk about the Radon Mine, and the Hollywood people there. When you arrive, talk to Guy Marvel to begin the “Quiet On The Set” side-mission.

The 1st AD will send you up and around the mountain to destroy trucks blaring noise in the area. Destroy all the cultist vehicles. It’s a simple, quick job, and when you return to talk to the director, you’ll complete the mission.

Just for some more backstory on this Easter egg. The crew are working on “Blood Dragon 3” — and the director, Guy Marvel, hates working on the “Far Cry” series, because then he has to have a standard narrative with “believability” — it’s a little meta-humor, but come on, when has Far Cry ever been believable?

The set is full of Blood Dragon Easter Eggs, even if the area isn’t particularly big. Take a look around and soak in the neon, then put on the awesome Omega Armor outfit and sow chaos throughout the cult in your day-glo neon jumpsuit.

  • To equip the Omega Armor, go to any gun store and select the clothing customization options, then select “Suit” and scroll all the way down to the bottom to find your fresh gear.